On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The Paramount Chief and Member of Parliament (PCMP) of Luawa Chiefdom in Kailahun District, Mohamed Sama Kailondo Banya IV, has expressed fear over the recent lifting of inter-district travel ban as Kailahun recorded zero case of Ebola for 42 clear days past Sunday. The first confirmed positive case of Ebola was reported in Kpondu Village,[…]

The once cherished No. 2 Beach along the Western Area Peninsular has been abandoned by many visitors due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in the country. The tourism industry is among the hardest hit sectors of the economy causing several entertainment businesses to collapse thereby making many people out of work. The once[…]

The Country Director of Fambul Tok, John Caulker said recently in a press briefing that the year 2014 was a very challenging one. He made this statement at his office premises while addressing the Press. The country Director said that they had their activity plan for the year but with the outbreak of Ebola, they[…]

Milla Group Sierra Limited has unveiled an easy to use dustbin with wheels that can be used in offices, shops, airport, schools and also public places to keep the Environment Clean. The 100 litres capacity dustbins are made of several colours and are conducive and convenient for both household and industrial usages. Each has a[…]

The Holy Rosary Sisters, with strong support from its partners abroad, especially Trocaire; an Irish- based organisation, continues to demonstrate its willingness in complementing Government’s efforts to tackle the spread of the Ebola virus disease, particularly in communities where the virus has claimed hundreds of lives. The district headquarters of Western Rural-Waterloo, is one among[…]

Since the outbreak of Ebola in Bombali district, police in the North-East Police Division recorded 500 reports of physical abuse and sexual related cases for the period May/December 2014. This was disclosed to Awoko Newspaper by the Information and Communication Officer of Rogbaneh Police Division, Abdul Rahman Sankoh. The Police Information and Communication Officer described the figure as “alarming” taking into consideration the Ebola outbreak that has caused restrictions in most movements of persons and other social activities that cause persons to interact. He said the figure showed an increase with victims of the said abuses being mostly girls of school-going ages that ranged between 12 and 17 years. The officer however blamed the situation on “parents not having [...]
The on-going court martial is now picking up speed, as defence witnesses continue to testify before Judge Advocate Otto During at the Military Headquarter Cockeril in Freetown. Defence witness and 3rd accused 18180170 Private Abdulia Suma Coker, in his testimony, told the court that he knew ten of the accused whom he met at 4th Battalion Teko Barracks, Makeni with the exception of Private Momoh Conteh and Warrant officer Frederick Wallace Johnson. Private A. S Coker said he was posted to forward patrol Base at Sania in the Bombali District, between Sierra Leone and Guinea border on April 2013, stating that he asked for leave on 1st August and it ended on 28 August 2013. 'I stayed at Makeni from 1st of August to 3rd and left for Sania, where I took off for Kindiya, Guinea to [...]
DR Congo's President tried by parliamentary proxy to relived the ageing proverb ''you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.'' It turned out to be an end game because it brought chaos and deaths to many cities and towns in the usually troubled country. In it all, President Kabila misunderstood the national mood that attempting to change presidential terms in constitutions is too dicey to play around with. Even though his hirelings have gone to extra strain to say he is not the shadow behind the scheme, it remains a hard sell to be bought. Although Presidential elections are not due until 2016 in DRC, it is apparent that Mr Kabila's political jugglers were eager to plough the fields before the polls roll in. Some said that those [...]
Sometime ago I wrote under the Headline:” Waiting for the Golden Ebola Zeroes.” Well we are close to the zeroes and the signs are showing, we now getting single digits. President Koroma's latest address to the Nation has been largely lauded by the majority of the citizenry. It is welcome news mainly because many people want to get back to their normal lives and leave Ebola behind. There is however a minority which, while they thank the President, remain cautious that we make haste slowly, since as a Nation we are yet to score a national Zero. In any case I think we can manage the situation. On April 10, 2010, President Koroma pronounced the free Health Care Scheme at a time the nation was ill-prepared to kick-start it. It was like testing the depth of the river with both [...]
The National Head of Family Support Unit (FSU), Superintendent Mira Koroma in an exclusive interview with Awoko newspaper has disclosed “high increase in sexual related cases in 2014 recording 2, 201 cases compared to 1, 485 cases in 2013. Attributing this increase to the Ebola outbreak, Supt. Koroma disclosed that in 2014, they recorded 2, 201 (two thousand two hundred and one) cases of which 2, 124 (two thousand one hundred and twenty four) were perpetuated against children while 77 were against elderly people. In 2013, she disclosed, the FSU nationwide recorded 1,485 (one thousand four hundred and eighty five) sexual assault cases of which 1, 417 (one thousand four hundred and seventeen) are child victims and 68 (sixty eight) perpetuated against full-grown women. She [...]