On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

United Nations Ebola Response Coordinator Dr. David Nabarro has said that the Ebola virus is spreading in many parts of the country. He made this statement yesterday in a press briefing at the WHO country office, while addressing journalists. He went further to say that the response is complicated and all need to do better[...]

The World Health Organization Country Representative Dr. Jacob Mafunda has been replaced by Dr. Daniel Kertesz. This information was disclosed by Dr. Keiji Fukundu who is the Director-General for Global Health Security, WHO, while answering to questions at a press briefing held yesterday at the WHO Country office. In answering to questions posed by the[...]

As a result of concerns raised by residents of Lakka community, for Government not to establish an EBOLA treatment Centre in their community, Government decided to establish a treatment centre  within the environs of the present T.B and Leprosy Hospital, along the Goderich- Tokeh highway. At the TB and Leprosy hospital, Awoko was taken on[...]

The Minister of Local Government Diana Kabba has expressed disgust and frustration at the ineptitude and sheer display of complacency in the ongoing fight to contain and eradicate the deadly Ebola virus and disease in the country. She made these comments during her one-day visit to the district to donate rice and other food condiments[...]

The Country Director of Social Organization Society (SOS), Olatungie Woode has said that he is not impressed with the way and manner sensitization is going on in Ebola affected areas in the country. Assessing his latest visit to Kenema recently, he observed that a lot of socialization still continues in Kenema which he maintained is[...]

Sierra Leone’s First Lady, Sia Nyama Koroma has called on stakeholders to do more of sensitization to their different target groups in the country with emphasis on proper hand washing with soap and water or chlorine at all times. Addressing Members of Parliament, Religious and Traditional leaders, Traditional healers, soweis and Traditional Birth Attendants, barbers[...]

The Section Chief of Konakpindibu Section in Nongowa chiefdom, Kenema District, Amara Soko Musa in collaboration with the Nongowa chiefdom authorities have provided suitable land for the construction of the Ebola Case Management camp and cemetery for Kenema district. The land is situated at Niahun junction near Gelehun in the Nongowa chiefdom in Kenema district[...]

The Minister of Transport and Aviation, Leonard Balogun Koroma, has vowed that government will hold responsible commercial drivers, who are flouting the operation “No overloading” order. He made this statement in an interview with Awoko, when this medium after investigation found out that some of the commercial drivers both taxi and poda-poda are still overloading[...]

The Ebola scourge might be ravaging and almost intractable, but at least it has thrown brand new vistas into how vulnerable our entire national body politic is. We can do well to learn the bitter lessons. Just this morning, I listened to a radio programme assessing the extent to which Ebola has adversely impacted the Lungi Airport. Part of why the Ebola scourge caught us with our pants down is because in this country, our laws are ignored left, right and center to such an extent that you doubt its existence. But tell me, what use are laws if they are not going to be enforced.  The other year there was the operation 'WHIP' which was to clear the streets of hawkers but it miraculously converted itself into operation 'Push Back'. This is why the almighty 'Abacha Babes' are still [...]
The 10 Commandments given to us by our Supreme Being says we should love Him and we should love our neighbours. If we love one another then automatically we will love our country and respect its leaders and we all will live in peace and harmony. The fight against Ebola will be won as we will be able to contain and stop the spread because we will believe that through the power of God victims will give themselves up and the denial syndrome will be eradicated as we will believe that the earlier we report these cases the better it will be for the victims and the nation. Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was a busy person when he walked physically in this earth several centuries ago. When Jesus started his ministry, he knew that he had only about three years to accomplish his great [...]