On the re-opening of SLPP Office … “We would never encourage violence” John Benjamin...

The five Supreme Court Judges have in their ruling refused the application made by Plaintiff Applicant Lawyer Blyden Jenkins-Johnston to restrain Victor Bockarie Foh from performing the duties of Vice President (VP). Lawyer Blyden Jenkins-Johnston who is backed up by Pa Momoh Fofanah and Leon Jenkins-Johnston had challenged the decision by President Koroma to sack[…]

Graduation without CERTIFICATE?(UNIVERSITY please explain) !! By: J.B. Jenkins-Johnston (Legal Practitioner) I am very proud to announce to the World that I am alumnus of Fourah Bay College (Albeit then affiliated to the University of Durham).  I graduated Bachelor of Arts with Honours in English Language and Literature in November 1969 during the glorious days[…]

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has held an inception meeting with some government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) on mainstreaming integrity pacts within the public sector. The meeting which took place on Tuesday 28th April 2015, at the conference room of the ACC, was meant to determine the way forward in modelling what is referred to[…]

Jiangsu Medical Team working at the Jui hospital has visited the five ebola patients in their homes to assess their conditions and give them gifts, who they treated since their arrival in March. The doctors and senior nurses took upon themselves to visit these patients in their homes and check how they are doing since[…]

Thousands of people are wedged in a miserable slum at Moa Wharf where an Ebola outbreak has devastated many lives. For the past few weeks, the slum has become the latest hot spot for ebola within the Western Area. Robust emergency response measures have been undertaken by the National Ebola Response Partners and Non-Governmental Organizations[…]

Airtel sponsored young entrepreneur Alex Nallo Jr, returned home fulfilled from the young entrepreneur summit in Ghana. The vibrant Alex Nallo Jr said what he feels goes beyond appreciation for Airtel.   Airtel has made his dream become a reality because he learnt so much during the few days he spent in Ghana. When asked what[…]

With the ebola outbreak adversely affecting the entire health care system in the country, the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention has true to its promise set up the National Public Health Institute, which is a permanent office and which will serve as Sierra Leone’s own version of the CDC. In an[…]

Save the Children's new report reveals that Sierra Leone has made significant strides in 2yrs from 177 in 2013 to 172 in 2014 to rank 169 out of the 179 countries surveyed this year for the Mothers' Index.  The Mothers' Index ranks countries on mothers' and children's health, educational, economic and political status. President Ernest Bai Koroma announced the free health-care initiative on April 27, 2010. The intention was to reverse Sierra Leone's position as one of the world's most difficult places to give birth and to be born. World Bank statistics showed that one woman dies in childbirth for every 112 births in Sierra Leone. That rate is 2·5 times higher than in nearby Ghana, 42·4 times higher than in the USA, and 222·5 times higher than in Sweden, where the rate is [...]
Scientists are using blood samples collected throughout the Ebola outbreak to map the virus's spread from country to country by tracking tiny mutations in its gene sequences. The picture is not yet complete, but intriguing discoveries have been made. Virus mutations first detected in Sierra Leone last spring were found later in Liberia and Mali, and scientists are examining whether this resulted from the chance movements of people across borders. And while some scientists think it is unlikely that the mutations made a difference in how the virus functioned, others are looking at whether this version of the virus had properties that made it more capable of causing infection. Scientists look for viral mutations because of their potential influence on the effectiveness of [...]
Sierra Leone yesterday joined the world at Connaught Hospital, in Freetown, to observe World hand hygiene Day, an activity which for 10 years has been observed by 187 countries worldwide. At a short but impressive programme, the coordinator for infection prevention control (IPC) in the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, Nanah Sesay-Kamara was honoured by the large turnout at the event, which will not only promote hygiene but further reduce the spread of the ebola virus. On behalf of the Connaught Hospital management, Dr Sesay stated that frequent hand washing is the safest tool in medical practice, and it should be the key function of every health worker around the world. He said every year due to lack of proper hygiene, millions are infected through their hands, and some [...]