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Italian mission assess Bumbuna Dam

The Bumbuna project implementation unit has received a 6-man delegation from the Directorate General for Development and Cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Italy.
They are in the country to review progress on the work done on the dam and possibly to assess the needs for the completion of the project.
The mission comprises of two teams – infrastructure and environmental, while the main thrust of the infrastructure team will be on the completion of the project and will also look at the latest energy sector issues.
The environmental team will focus on the resettlement of affected village communities within the dam area and on how to mitigate the environmental impact caused by the creation of the dam.
The mission is expected to spend the bulk of their time in the dam area and will be in the country for a period of 14 days.The delegation comprises of an environmental specialist, power engineer/project economist, natural resources management specialist, infrastructure engineer and a water sector specialist.

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