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“Pastors that speak against other pastors are myopic” – Apostle Suleman

Delivering the Word of God at day three of his prophetic fire crusade organized by Flaming Evangelical Ministries in collaboration with the body of Christ, Nigerian born Apostle Johnson Suleman said “Pastors that speak against other pastors are myopic”.
Preaching at the National Stadium where the three day crusade ended last Thursday, he said: when a pastor is excelling and uses his   power to heal, saving souls and transforming lives of people, others will say it is fake power.
Apostle Johnson Suleman called on those that say they have real power to do something in healing people, saving souls and transforming lives of people.
He however advised the congregation not to copy the style of anybody until you see what that person is doing in secret.
Preaching from Ezekiel 1: 10, he accentuated that,  “we leave in a generation of self centered people; people going to public and private offices to satisfy themselves  not caring for other people”.
He emphasized that if people want to prosper in life, they must have their family, the country and other people in their minds.
The Apostle stressed that people should have love, compassion and sympathy for others. Apart from preaching from Ezekiel, he quoted other relevant verses from the bible.
 The move of the Spirit in these crusades is profound and unusual. The blind receive sight, the lame walk, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, HIV healed, insanity disappears, barren conceives, sinners are saved. God’s presence has been the captivating fire behind the massive attendance, healings and salvation of souls in these crusades.
The theme for this year’s crusade was taken from Psalm 68 verse 1: “Let God arises and let his enemies be scattered”, indeed enemies were scattered as people with demonic ties, house hold wickedness, those with curse, and families apart had their break through.
Apostle Johnson Suleman is married to an amiable firebrand evangelist, Pastor Lizzy. She is a trained Mass Communication expert with a special gift of healing. They are blessed with two daughters.

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