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Salone rapper certified on Blood Diamond Platinum album

After publicly voicing his concerns about not receiving credit for his contribution to Kanye West’s hugely popular “Diamonds from Sierra Leone”, Sierra Leone-born, US-based hip-hop rapper Chosan has finally resolved his dispute with producer/artist Kanye West and his management team.
The parties have resolved the issue for an undisclosed amount and full credit making Chosan one of the very few African hip-hop artists to be platinum certified for his work. Chosan made his concerns known about not being credited for his vocal contributions to one of Kanye West’s most socially responsible projects.
However, this mistake struck particularly close to home. Regarding the project, Chosan says “I was thrilled when I got the call from Kanye himself to work on the ‘Diamonds from Sierra Leone’ project. I was proud to give my knowledge and talent to speak on the topic of Blood Diamonds.
This was a situation that affected me personally as I still have many family members living in Sierra Leone.” In late 2007 Chosan brought his case to light when he partnered up with producer Lord Itill to release an open letter song titled “Kanye, Tell Me Something”. While some labeled the track a “diss song”, Chosan maintains that those who listen to the words of the song will truly understand the message he was trying to communicate.
Almost a year later, Chosan has finally settled his dispute with Kanye and his management at Island Def Jam. About the conflict Chosan says, “I’m happy with the outcome of this situation and appreciate that Kanye and Island Def Jam have resolved this issue. I wish them the best. I took a stand for what was right, and for what I was owed, nothing more, nothing less. Those that know me and my story know that I am prepared to go to world’s end to fight for what I believe is right. I would like to thank and credit my Lawyer Brian Mencher esq. for his hard work and commitment on this case. To my friends, family, peers and fans, that really got what was going on, thank you.”
Chosan continues to make music that speaks to his community. He recently joined Grammy Award winners Angelique Kidjo, Soweto Gospel Choir, and Sierra Leone’s Refugee All-stars in a tribute album paying homage to Bono and U2.
On the album titled “In the Name of Love: Africa celebrates U2”, U2’s famous song “Desire” gets an African hip-hop twist with Chosan lending vocals as part of the African Underground All stars.
By Ophaniel Gooding in China

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