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British Piano Tuner pays another visit to Salone

A renowned British Piano Tuner technician Alan King who first visited Sierra Leone in 2009 is in the country again on a seven day visit to tune and repair Pianos at the Ballanta Academy of Music and other Churches in the country whose pianos are in a bad condition.
The visit of Alan King was sponsored by the British Council in Sierra Leone who are keen to help in the promotion of good music through the efforts of the Ballanta Academy of music.
Speaking to Awoko Yesterday at the Zion Methodist Church, Wilberforce Street Alan said when he came to Sierra Leone last year and succeeded in tuning pianos at the Ballanta Academy and other churches.
During his second seven-day visit Alan is expected to tune and repair several pianos in Freetown, Bo and Banana Island before he finally lives for the UK.
“This year we are trying to put some perfection in the Pianos in some churches because the pianos are in such a state of repair” he said.
Responding to question about his experience last year compared to this year Alan said he has got a lot to do this year because he had to visit the provinces while last year he only worked on pianos in Freetown.
“My Experience in Sierra Leone is fantastic and I am even thinking of coming with my family on a visit at any time” He added.
Alan told Awoko that Sierra Leone lacks Piano tuner technicians but went on to disclose that  by next week he will be taking one of the students of Ballanta Academy to England for a three Month training on how to repair pianos so that when he returns home he will be able to repair pianos.
By William Freeman

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