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Bonthe Council embraces Green Scenery

The Bonthe District Council Chairman Moses Probyn has expressed his Council’s commitment and determination to embrace Green Scenery a non-governmental organization implementing a community forest and wild life conservation project by providing livelihood support to three communities in the Gbongokama Forest enclave of Nongobabulum Chiefdom within the Bonthe District.
The ongoing project was designed to reduce the spate of deforestation within the Gbongokama Forest by providing an increasing population in the forest enclave of Gangama, Taetima and Messima with sustainable livelihood options that serves as sources of income and capacity building in land management and protection of the environment.
Green Scenery as an implementing agency has provided the three communities with cassava processing tools for the production of garri that will be marketed in urban areas for public consumption with the hope of generating income for the project beneficiaries and other inhabitants of the community.
The Executive Director of Green Scenery Joseph Rahall while updating the Bonthe Council Chairman about progress made on the project said, beneficiaries of the project have been provided with agricultural tools like hoes, wheel barrows and cutlasses including seven bushels of rock ten rice grain, grand nut and 200 bundles of cassava stumps that has already been planted on their respective farms. Additionally he said the farms are doing well.
He further explained that five acres of farming land was cleared by each of the three farming communities for planting of grains of their choice and a store and a drying floor has also been constructed at Gangama village for drying and storage of the produce after harvest.
Responding the Bonthe Council Chairman Moses Probyn applauded Green Scenery for implementing a project in one of the most deprived and underdeveloped chiefdoms within the district on forest and wild life conservation by supporting communities with sustainable livelihood support for income generation.
He also said that luckily the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry have devolved 75% of their functions to the Bonthe Council and the forestry department is among the forestry officer assigned to the Bonthe Council is directly working to preserve community forest reserves and also developing existing forests within the District.
The Council Chairman explained that the Forestry Department has planted many trees and laws have also been put in place to protect the environment. Additionally the Chairman expressed willingness to visit the project site at Gbongokama with the Forest Officers to complement the activities of Green Scenery and commended them and their partners for their development initiative in the District.
He also expressed the Council’s concerns on tree felling and depletion of the environment and spoke about an ongoing training and recruitment of 10 Forest Guards that will be deployed within the District adding the doors of the Bonthe Council is always open for development initiatives that will protect the environment and also improve the living standard of the people as agriculture is one the major sources of livelihood within the District.
By Saidu Bah

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