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MP cautions against reckless criticism of mining companies

Hon. Chernor Maju Bah Chairman of the Parliamentary Mines Committee in Parliament has cautioned Civil Society groups against reckless criticism of mining companies that have expressed keen interest to invest in the country.
Hon. Chernor Bah said “we expect Civil Society groups to be engaged in constructive criticism about national development not to detract us,” additionally stating that all the mining agreements with companies are in the interest of the country and the people.
According to Hon. Chernor Bah several consultations were made on the new Mines and Minerals Act with the ordinary people and the Act passed in parliament, “Civil Society was deeply involved in the entire process.”
He said “it is sad to note that when the Mines and Minerals Act is being implemented for the rapid development of the country, Civil Society groups are now complaining about the agreements signed between the Government and the mining companies.”
Hon. Chernor Bah reiterated Parliamentary commitment and determination to engage Civil Society groups on critical matters affecting the development of the country stating “we need to be nationalistic and patriotic on certain issues.”
He also noted that the Government and people of Sierra Leone are looking forward to credible investors to come in to the country so that they can contribute towards national development that can benefit all the people.
He said “both the African Minerals and London Mining agreements were genuinely passed by parliamentarians, because it will create jobs for our youths, revenue will increase and they will also participate in community development through their corporate social responsibilities.”
Hon. Chernor Bah encouraged Civil Society groups to engage in constructive criticism that reflects the realities on the ground rather than embarking on destructive criticism that will not make any improvement.
By Saidu Bah

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