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Shankerdas & Sons constructs link bridge in Koya

The Director of G. Shankerdas and Sons who is also the Consul of Japan Dr. Kishore Shankerdas upon a promise made to the people of Magbafty village and Sherbro Town in the Western Rural District of Koya has constructed a bridge linking the two villages.
The villages, which are located along a shabby and rugged road from Fufu Water Junction in Newton all the way to Ribbi in the Moyamba District, serves as an important route for farmers, school children; particularly those who attend school from Sherbro town to Magbafty, and road travellers on regular basis.
The road is probably one of the shortest routes to access from the provinces to Freetown for the purposes of business and other activities.
Unfortunately, this major route is among the many jagged routes in the country. Quite apart from the poor bridges, which are simply death traps, the route, with all its importance could hardly be accessible by vehicle. This has over the years militated against the transportation of agricultural produce to urban areas, thereby leaving them in stores to rot.
The now constructed bridge by Shankerdas and Sons brings a sigh of relief to inhabitants of the communities. During the rainy seasons before now, the bridges which were made of palm trunks were mostly swept away by heavy tides apparently making the villages; especially the Magbafty and Sherbro town Villages vulnerable.
The Member of Parliament representing constituency 95 Hon. Claudius Kamanda and cohorts in the Western Rural District Council, representatives of government parastatals including the Minister of Works, Housing and Infrastructure Alimamy P. Koroma expressed their gratifications for the construction of the bridge and also rendered their commitments in improving the standard of the roads to enhance the transport of agricultural productivities.
G. Shankerdas and Sons is a licensed privately owned company that produces beverages, wines, plastic products and other domestic and outdoor products. It is among the manufacturing companies that are meeting their corporate social responsibilities in serving the needs of the people of Sierra Leone.
The company, apart from providing employment for suitable and qualified Sierra Leoneans has embarked on massive agricultural activities in almost every part of the provinces with indigenes of those communities serving as custodians to those agricultural products.
The Director of G. Shankerdas and Sons Dr. Kishore Shankerdas, whose parents are Indians, was born, raised and attended schools and University in Sierra Leone. Apart from serving the Chamber of Commerce as President, he was over the years honored to serve as the Honorary Consul to Japan.
Dr. Shankerdas was acclaimed for not only meeting his corporate social responsibilities through his establishment, but has assisted governments in the area of providing jobs for the people of Sierra Leone and privately financing projects for the construction of roads and other infrastructural activities in the country.
By Poindexter Sama

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