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Pikin Bizness Salone donates $2,375 to Haiti children

Pikin Bizness Sierra Leone, a local NGO has donated $2,375 to children of Haiti as a result of the catastrophic earthquake that struck the country early this year.
Following the disastrous earthquake, Pikin Bizness, in collaboration with Miss Hannah Fullah organized a special mass service at the St George’s Cathedral Church in order to show solidarity with the suffering people of Haiti and raised the fund for the affected children of that disaster.
The fund was presented on the 18th October 2010 to the Executive Representative of the United Nations Secretary General Mr. Michael Von Schulenberg as a legal channel to reach the children of Haiti by two children of Pikin Bizness who had successfully undergone open heart surgery in Paris France.
The two children, 9 years old Abubakar Jalloh and 8 years old Linda Paul- Bangura represented the children of Sierra Leone in support to the children of Haiti.
Haiti was hit with catastrophic earthquake on Tuesday, 12th January 2010 in which an estimated three Million People were affected in which an estimated 230,000 people died, 300,000 injured and 1,000,000 made homeless.
It was also estimated that 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed or were severely damaged.
Donors said although it has been 10 months since this incident occurred, Haiti is still in dire need of assistance. This donation would go a long way as rescues have tailed off; supplies, medical care and sanitation are now becoming priorities. Donors added that they know with this support the children and people of Haiti will be blessed as they continue on their way to development.
By Emmanuella Kallon

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