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Councillors want District Chairman impeached

Twenty-eight out of the 34 councilors that constitute the Port Loko District Council have signed a vote of no confidence against its Chairman Ahmed Munir Fofana.
The councillors are accusing the Chairman in a letter dated 30th September 2010 of maladministration, dictatorial tendencies and derailing the development of Council amongst several other reasons.
According to Councilor Lamin Kalakoh of Koya Ward 196, he alleged that they resolved on impeaching the Chairman because he had failed them, stressing that “our decision relates with the transfer of the procurement officer Thomas James”.
The whole rumpus is further alleged to have emancipated from a contract for the construction of a primary school at Malal in the Maforki Chiefdom, in which the Chairman they alleged wanted to award to one Santigie Sesay, whose bid form was reportedly submitted late.
It was further alleged that Chairman Fofana was so upset over the stance adopted by his subjects that he dashed to Freetown where they said he manipulated the transfer of the Procurement Officer, but the 28 councilors stood firm against the transfer. Even the Deputy Minister of Local Government Raymond Kabia it is alleged tried to pacify the councilors as transfer cases are a normal procedure in the civil service. Speaking to Awoko, Chairman Fofana recalled one morning when his Deputy Rugiatu Turay led a team of what he dubbed as furious looking councilors demanding to know why a transfer was done without their consent, and therefore urged him to revert the decision. He affirmed that he took time to explain the role of councilors as prescribed in the Local Government Act, stressing that neither him nor the councilors have the responsibility to recruit or regulate the movement of senior staff of the Local Council. Chairman Fofana disclosed that he is not a member of the Procurement Committee and cannot determine who should be awarded contracts. It was further revealed that the Procurement Officer had in fact handed over his functions to his successor, but the stance adopted by the councilors is denting the man from carrying out his duties.

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