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Cannibalism scare grips Bo

Parents and residents of Bo and its environs have for the past two weeks been in fear for the safety of their loved ones especially their children as rumours of cannibalism circulate around the township.
Play grounds were abandoned as children were kept indoors and parents had anxious moments waiting for their children to return home from school. So far there has not been a single case of cannibalism in the area.
The widespread fear has been interpreted by various quarters as a spillover effect from Kenema in the Eastern Province where there have recently been several reports of corpses being found in remote areas like farms and swamps with missing body parts.
Local Chiefs in and outside Bo are being urged to hold sectional meetings to sensitize their Communities to help end the nightmare which has left thousands sleeping with one eye opened.
A number of sectional Chiefs told Awoko that they have been advised to remain very alert and they have warned their subjects to stay away from any activity that has to do with human sacrifices as any report of a missing individual will result in serious Police probe and culprits dealt with severely.
The Local Chiefs further quoted the resident Paramount Chief of Kakua Chiefdom PC Prince Boima to have said “he will leave no stone unturned in investigating the cannibalism scare which has been linked to the 2012 General Elections.
Police Personnel contacted on the matter confirmed that they have not received any report of cannibalism and dismissed it as the work of the ‘rumour mill’.
The Police have however stepped up security in the area with additional patrols.
Politicians across the board have since been pointing accusing fingers at each other for allegedly going the extra mile in their desperation to get power at all cost.
By Easmon Moiguah

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