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Swiss Rotarians of Cote Nyon re-visit Magbenteh Hospital Project in Sierra Leone

A high profile delegation from Switzerland Rotary Club Cote Nyon has re-visited Sierra Leone to inspect progress at the Magbenteh Hospital which has been receiving financial and technical support from Swiss Rotarians since 2007.
Swiss Rotarians have provided funds for the Provision of a Diesel Generator, MOTOS, 2 SUV, Water Pump repair, solar installation and help in the administrative and legal purposes to improve on health care services at the Magbenteh Hospital.
The Rotarian team was in Sierra Leone in 2008 for the first Magbenteh Grant of USD$35,000.00 and they are back in 2010 to do the Rotarian work on MG 68946 of USD $ 77,200.00 issued in November 2009 and the first 2 installments of USD$ 17,500.00 was completed in July and October 2010.Two more payments of USD$17,500.00 will be done in December 2010 and March 2011.
The visiting Rotarians encouraged the Freetown Rotary to set up meetings with ADDAX Bioenergy which is partially Swiss owned, Africa Minerals which is also partially underwritten by MIRABAUD Geneva Bankers and London Mining Company for their assistance in the health sector in communities they operate.
They said President Koroma is doing an extra ordinary job in attracting foreign direct investment additionally stating that many people need health care and Makeni is in the middle with the influx of specialized well paid work force, therefore the local hospitals can work together in order to provide health care.
One of the visiting Rotarians Oscar Kneubuhler also organized a raffle during the European and Swiss Championship of the International Golfing Fellowship Rotary and realized a charity profit of USD$ 105,000.00 of which USD$65,000.00 will go to the Magbenteh Community Health /Action Swiss Sierra Leone.
He encouraged the Freetown Rotary Club to form part of the International Golfing Fellowship Rotary to enable them organize funds through raffle draws for their humanitarian projects in Sierra Leone. Rotarian Golfer Sampha Koroma CEO of UTB assured the visiting Rotarians of their commitment and determination to participate.
Several Freetown Club Rotarians expressed gratitude to the visiting Rotarians for their support to the Magbenteh Hospital in Northern Sierra Leone.
By Saidu Bah

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