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Kao Denero signs deal with world class record label

One of Sierra Leone’s hottest hip hop moguls, Amara Denis Turay (Kao Denero), has completed payment for a one year deal with one of America’s most popular recording studios, Creative Factory Executive/Patchwerk Studios in Atlanta, to enhance improvement in not only the music industry in Sierra Leone, but to open doors of opportunities for Sierra Leone artists and music to be recognized at global level.
Kao Denero upon signing the contract flew with his project manager Mr. Polo Varist form the USA to Sierra Leone in other to make a ground assessment of Kao’s contribution to boost the music industry in Sierra.
Kao in his remarks to the press at Hotel Bamoi said that the motive of signing such an expensive contract with Creative Factory Executive is to start the ball rolling in putting Sierra Leone music to the entertainment industry in the world.
As a step in moving Sierra Leone forward for the next 5o years, he said that image building will go a long way in attracting the attention of foreign investors to come to the country. This, he said, will bring positive development in Sierra Leone.
Kao said that Sierra Leone has got a daunted image after the end of the eleven year civil war and now is the time to stop backbiting and focus on developing the nation for present generation and the ones yet unborn.
The Project Manager for Kao Denero’s contract, Polo Varist said, it is based on Kao’s popularity in the music industry both in Sierra Leone and the US that he was inspired to ensure start of the project.
He said such a big step will inspire other artists in the country to start focusing on the course of changing the landscape of music in the country.
He said that Patchwerk Studios hosts world most popular artists like Alicia Keys, Keysha Cole etc, and through this record label, Sierra Leone’s music will be listened and assessed at global level, thereby increasing the aspiration of local artists to be part of world music forum.
Kao Denero on his part has done an album titled “A Road to Victory” in which most of the lyrics are in English and few in Krio. This is part of Kao’s effort to globalize Sierra Leone’s music and make it appreciable and understood by people all over the world.
By Poindexter Sama

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