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21 beds for Njala University Hospital

As part of nationalism, patriotism and contributing towards improving the health and living condition of inhabitants at the Njala community, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lansana on behalf of Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia (USA), donated twenty-one standard hospital beds to Njala University Hospital past Wednesday at Njala.
Mrs. Florence Lansana stated that she gained both primary and secondary education in Njala and proceeded to USA where she got her university education. She added that ‘the story is simply about giving help to the needy at your home town’.
She disclosed that she got the beds from Emory University Hospital in USA where she is working presently. She said that at the end of every 10 years, the hospital will replace all their equipment to keep it to standard with others in USA. As a result of that, she thought to discuss with her Director, Patricia Stroud, to donate some beds to Njala University Hospital in her home town. She accepted and decided to give the beds to Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Lansana who paid the storage and shipment fees out of their savings.
The aim of this, according to Mrs. Lansana, was to build a friendly relationship between the two Universities so that Njala University will regain its past glory and continue to grow into a standard University as compared to Western world Universities. She hoped other Sierra Leoneans in USA and other western countries will join to develop their home towns as she cited the words of the past American President, John F. Kennedy: “Ask not what your country has done for you, but what you have done for your country”.
In receiving the beds, Professor Abu Sesay, Vice Chancellor and Principal, Njala University, stated that it is actually a celebration of nationalism and patriotism as to what the couple have done to their home town. He added that if other alumni of the Institution that are in the diaspora did similar thing, he believes the University will gain its previous momentum.
Prof. Sesay further said he hoped the donation will go beyond Njala University Hospital. They should also be at the Bo government hospital where nurses will be trained as to how to use modern hospital beds. He assured the couple that the beds will be carefully taken care of, and asked them to extend thanks and appreciation to Patricia Stroud and Emory University Hospital.
Speaking on behalf of the hospital, Dr. Abu B. Minah (MD) said that there is a structure to be used as theatre in the hospital, but at the moment they lack the necessary equipment for them to utilize their potentials as medical doctors. All they did at the hospital is providing treatment for the patients and evacuate them to Bo government hospital. He added that his aim is to transform the hospital into a training hospital for nurses. He then thanked the couple and extended appreciation to Emory University hospital for their timely intervention.
Alhaji Manika Kamara

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