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Civil Society celebrates International Day of Justice

Members of the Civil Society Network (CSN) and Justice Sector Development Programme (JSDP) in Kenema District recently celebrated International Justice Day.
Speaking at the ceremony, a civil society activist, Jeremiah Salia, traced the origin of the International Criminal Court (ICC), stating that it was established on 1st July 1998 with the primary aim to correct impunity, adding that the ICC Treaty was signed by countries across the world to provide protection for victims and try perpetrators of war crimes and other crimes against humanity.
In his statement, the Local Unit Commander (LUC) of the Kenema Police Division, Chief Superintendent of Police, William Fayia Sellu, said crimes against humanity and war crimes are related as they all affect human dignity.
Fayia Sellu also said justice is sometimes derailed in either the Magistrate or High courts due to lack of willingness on the part of witnesses to testify in court on matters charged to court by Police.
The LUC disclosed that Police are at the forefront of ensuring that people access justice by investigating and charging to court matters reported to them by members of the public.
A member of the Civil Society Organizations (CSO) Network, Edward Kai, disclosed that Sierra Leone as a country is teaming up with other countries across the globe to celebrate the day which, he said, is crucial to correcting impunities, to help uphold universal human rights and to provide the basis to accessing justice by all.
Kai disclosed that the CSO network in collaboration with the Justice Sector Development Programme has outlined several activities like public lectures, march past and quiz competition among school going pupils in and around the city, in a bid to increase their knowledge base on the International Criminal Court and on the celebration of the International Day of Justice.
By Saffa Moriba

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