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GWP to establish Country Water Partnership in Salone

The Global Water Partnership (GWP) in its quest to foster programmes that are geared towards water management and sustainability has sent two of its senior members to Sierra Leone to facilitate the formation of Country Water Partnership (CWP) in the country.
The project is aimed at alleviating poverty through the improvement and making available social welfare issues, economic growth and the protection of natural resources as key to human development in the sub-region.
One of GWP’s representatives, Mr. Sidi Coulibaly, a Malian and also Communications Officer of GWP, said that the meeting is geared towards trying to help water stakeholders in Sierra Leone to set up a country partnership.
The partnership, he added, will involve actors in the water sector, and bring everybody onboard to share information, dialogue, share experiences and help government to better sustain and manage water resources.
In addition, Coulibaly said that they are also trying to engage a process of advocacy on the United Nations Convention on International Water Causes that was voted by the UN General Assembly in 1997.
He said that the programme will assist not only the Ministry of Water Resources but all the stakeholders, considering the fact that GWP is a platform that includes community-based organizations, civil society, private sectors working towards water sustainability until September 28 this year.
He said their activities will also include giving technical support and working with concerned institutions and experts to conduct a feasibility study on water management and resources.
The Technical Expert of GWP, Awaiss Aboubacar from Niger, said that there is need for water security plan and community water resources management whose neglect has resulted to the wastage of water resources in not only Sierra Leone but other countries in the sub-region.
Mr. Martin Walshe, Senior Infrastructure Adviser at the Department for International Department (DFID), working in Sierra Leone and Liberia who was also a participant at the meeting, said that his institution is rendering support to the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources in its current restructuring and implementation of the water policy.
He added that they have a large scale programme that gives support for development of water sanitation in Freetown and the rural areas, and to observe the GWP in their promotion of awareness in the management of water resources in collaboration with the Water Resources Ministry.
GWP was created in 1996 to support the states in the sustainable management of water resources in the sub-region specifically, and therefore includes its West African branch (GWP/WA), whose objective is to emphasize the need for support to the implementation of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) practices in the region.
By Poindexter Sama

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