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Transformation Committee presents report to President Koroma

Members of the Sierra Leone Conference on Development and Transformation yesterday presented their final report with lots of issues to be implemented to President Ernest Bai Koroma at his State House Lodge.
In presenting the report, Herbert McLeod Coordinator for the Conference said that since the end of the conference, the team has been working behind the scene to put the report together.
He said the committee did a wide and extensive arrangement with different stakeholders in the districts and with the report that they gathered through these meetings, they were able to organize the conference which ended on the 1st February.
Adding that this conference gave the people the opportunity to make comments and suggestions for the development of the country in the next 25 years, McLeod said the report details “where Sierra Leoneans want to see the country in the next 35 years.”
Herbert McLeod said that they intend to produce an every man’s edition of the report which will be circulated to all schools, libraries, universities and other institutions “so that all Sierra Leoneans can see them.”
The Coordinator gave a vivid overview of the report which started with the first steering committee meeting, a retrospect of Sierra Leone in the next 35 years, an indicative task which includes Parliament, Judiciary and Education.
Giving his response after receiving the report, President Ernest Bai Koroma said that it first started as a dream but through the hard work of the committee members who took their time to go through the provinces they have today presented this report.
He said that they should be able to use the report in governance and as a future guide to govern “to get us where we have set ourselves that is to be a middle income country within the next 25 years and donor country within the next 50 years.”
The President said that the Conference has created an issue, which is a Sierra Leonean issue not any political party and as leaders “we should comply with the demands of the people. We have to map out the way forward for the development of the country.”
President Koroma maintained that one of the issues that most Sierra Leoneans are concerned with is that “we have had reports and recommendations in the past and there is no way forward. But we should not delay the process and we are going to implement it.”
He added “we have to sustain it and not allow it to die down. This document should be given the greatest publicity; every Sierra Leonean should understand it. The document is a public document and should therefore be owned by the people.”
The President promised that he “will do all what it takes to start the process of implementation. I will put my entire commitment to see that it is implemented. It is about Sierra Leone and not going to benefit any particular group.”
By Betty Milton

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