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New Ambassador to China takes formal leave of President Koroma

Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China, Abu Bakarr Multi-Kamara has, on Friday, 13th April, at State House taken formal leave of President Koroma.
Accompanied by family members and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation among others, Ambassador Multi-Kamara disclosed that words cannot express how he felt when he was appointed by President Koroma as Ambassador to the Peoples Republic of China. He said, the decision by President Koroma to appoint him as Ambassador to China was based on not just his competence, but also shows the trust that the President has in him.
Ambassador Abu Bakarr Multi-Kamara said that he is aware of the challenges that are attached to his new job as Ambassador but that this is an opportunity for him to serve the country. He said, he will ensure the ties between China and Sierra Leone are maintained and lifted in line with government’s Agenda for Change. He spoke of the need to work towards contributing to Sierra Leone’s economic growth as well as in its human development.
According to Ambassador Multi-Kamara, he had discussions with the Chinese Ambassador to Sierra Leone and that they have both agreed to explore the possibility of articulating why China should have a special policy for Sierra Leone and Sierra Leone in return, should also have a special policy for China. He expressed his appreciation to the President and those who have been supporting him, especially the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Responding, President Ernest Bai Koroma congratulated the Ambassador on his appointment and informed him, that “China is one of our biggest stations” and that it is a leading country in the world that has a lot of opportunities and as such, Sierra Leone should consolidate its friendship with China.
Sierra Leone, the President said, has a special relation with China which has been supportive of Sierra Leone in a number of areas. He called on the Ambassador to focus his attention on strengthening the bilateral ties between Sierra Leone and China not only on government level but to deepen the interface at the private sector level.
Speaking further, President Koroma also informed the newly appointed Ambassador that China is becoming a market of the future and that “we must take advantage of that…” as well as try to cooperate with multilateral institutions. He said the assignment for the new Ambassador is great and that much is expected from him both by government and his relatives. He concluded by assuring the Ambassador that he is going to China with his (President Koroma) support and above all with great expectations from Sierra Leoneans. Sierra Leone’s Diplomatic Mission in China is also accredited to a number of countries in South East Asia and the Pacific Region, including Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Australia.
Abu Bakarr Multi- Kamara has got 25 years of progressive professional experience both as a civil servant and in his tremendous service to the United Nations. Coupled with that, he also has extensive experience in partnership and collaborative work with governments, agencies of the United Nations regional and international bodies like ECOWAS, AU, DFID, among others and has a proven record and a strong ability to manage humanitarian emergencies.
Also, he was very strategic in the successes of the Strategy and Policy Unit, in the office of the President between October 2008 and November 2010. As Program Manager, he ensured the day-to-day operations of the Unit; ensured compliance with established procurement and accountability standard. In 2008 upon assuming the Presidency, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had in place a Presidential Transition Team which was there to ensure a smooth transition of power. And between August-September of that year, the newly appointed Ambassador to China served as Chairman of the Committee on National Security and Peace-building and he, together with others, worked with the then out-going government in ensuring a smooth transition with greater attention to institutions, projects and programs dealing with national security and peace building.
H.E Abu Bakarr Multi-Kamara holds a Master of Arts degree in Development Economics from the School of Development Studies, University of East Anglia, United Kingdom. He also holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) degree in Estate Management from the Department of the Built Environment Polytechnic/University of the South Bank, United Kingdom. Added to the above is a Post-Graduate Diploma in Economic Development with Distinction, Department of Business Studies, Polytechnic/University of North London, United Kingdom.
Ambassador Abu Bakarr Multi-Kamara is expected to depart for Beijing soon.
By John Pa Baimba Sesay-IA, PR China

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