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IMC blasts Military

The Independent Media Commission (IMC) has strongly condemned the action of some overzealous military personnel who publicly humiliated two staff members of the Awoko Newspaper while executing their lawful duties.
In a press release issued past Friday, the IMC stated, “the IMC is shocked to learn that at exactly 11:45 am on Thursday 2nd August 2012 a group of uniformed officers of the RSLAF attacked the “Awoko” Newspaper office and assaulted some journalists in the process.”
The statement went to note that “attacks on journalists while on the lawful execution of their duties are prohibited under international best reporting practices and pose a threat to freedom of information,” and stressed that the action “constitutes a serious threat to the existent of a free press.”
The Commission therefore urged the police, to speedily investigate the matter and prosecute all personnel found culpable without fear or favour.
Furthermore, the IMC stated that it is concerned about protecting the interest of the public against undue media abuse, while they are also equally concerned about undue harassment of journalists in the execution of their duties.

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