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“I will change Makeni City”

A young and dynamic community development worker, Sunkarie Kabba Kamara who is aspiring to become Mayor of the Makeni City Council, has vowed to change the Makeni City council to an engine of sustainable growth and development that reflects the aspirations of the people.
She is the first woman this year, to be awarded the All Peoples Congress Party symbol which took place on Monday, after defeating the incumbent Mayor Moses Sesay with 52 votes during the primaries.
In an exclusive interview with AWOKO yesterday, she outlined her vision if elected into office, by adding value to the development plans of the Makeni City Council.
She believes that with her wealth of experience in the development sector, she would transform Makeni City by filling the missing gaps that has deterred the development of the City.
Makeni, she said, is the fastest growing city in the country with huge mining investments. Economic activities and improvement of basic social amenities will be her topmost priorities she added. “I want to make Makeni City a beacon of development that can be admired by other districts.
She also said that she was motivated to join the bandwagon of development workers in Makeni, as there have been a lot of gaps in the Makeni council that needs to be changed.
She said, “I want to move from the collection of market dues and city rates to a more robust revenue mobilization drive that can make Makeni City Council an engine for development”
Sunkarie Kamara said the Mayoral seat is a strategic position to look at the improvement of education, health, social protection and livelihood.
She called on the electorates to vote for a woman of integrity to be the mayor of the Makeni City Council.
The primaries process, she said, was transparent fair and participatory which involved market women, bike riders and local stakeholders to ensure that the award of symbol reflects the expectation of the people.
She commended the All People Congress Party for working towards the implementation of the 30 percent quota for woman in governance. Concluding she said in Makeni we don’t believe in talk but action.
Sunkarie Kabbah Kamara is a native of Makeni and a degree holder with two kids has worked for several International organizations on developments across the country.

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