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Open Letter on the destruction of the social fabric of Sierra Leone

The President
H.E. Ernest Bai Koroma
State House
State Avenue
17th October 2012

Open Letter on the destruction of the social fabric of Sierra Leone
Sir over the past few weeks the Awareness Times Newspaper and its publisher have launched scathing attacks on the Independent Media Commission (IMC), the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ), and lately the Guild of Newspaper Editors (GNE) along with denigrating remarks on the persons of all the individuals leading these institutions including my humble self on a very public forum.
Sir it is a shameful thing for this country that such indecent language is published in full view of international visitors, foreign nationals’ resident here and school going children who have been encouraged by their teachers to read newspapers to improve their knowledge of current affairs. I can only imagine the impression (of us Sierra Leoneans and your government) that the recent publications have made on the numerous foreign investors, who have come to do business in our country. Is this the impression of Sierra Leoneans we want to portray to the world?
Sir such a display of blatant disrespect for authority in the public eye can only serve to send the wrong message to the youths of this country, even as efforts are made to get them to respect law and order.
Sir as the main custodian of the constitution, the duty for upholding and promoting “public morality” rests squarely on your desk. This is why the silence of you and your government while the social fabric of this nation is being torn into shreds has become very worrying for all who stand for decency in this our country Sierra Leone.
Sir, I only hope that by allowing the members of the IMC – including the Chairman who was appointed by you – to be so disgracefully abused (by someone very close to you), this will not encourage decent people to refuse your nominations to public office in the future.
Sir as President we know and believe that whatever is allowed to happen in this country is because you sanction it.
I trust that your sense of decency and your moral duty to the children of this country and the decent Sierra Leoneans whose sense of belonging have been so grievously abused, will cause you to take the necessary action and put a stop to this madness.
Sir I trust that this humble appeal will not be treated with silence, so …

Kelvin Lewis

Kelvin Lewis
Chairman Guild of Newspaper Editors
Editor Awoko Newspaper

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