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SLANSA sensitizes on small Arms Acts

The Sierra Leone Action on Small Arms [SLANSA] in collaboration with Sierra Leone Commission on Small Arms [SLeNCSA] with support from Action on Armed Violence [AOAV] has held an open forum on the popularization of the Arms and Ammunition Acts 2012. Addressing his audience, the key note speaker retired LT. Col. Mbaday Bangura said the government has officially passed the Acts on Small Arms into law and that the people of the country need to know about it. He said owners of small Arms just after the elections, would be asked to come forward and register their arms, followed by official license that would be issued by the authorities concerned.
The Retired Colonel said the reason why government wants to put light weapons under control, is to ensure people live in peace, without fear or intimidation caused by holders of such weapons. Mr. Bangura endeavoured to the best of his ability, to explain in detail all the necessary clauses in the Acts and admonished the audience, to pass on the message to relatives and friends about the Acts.
Lt. Hindowa Lissa from 9th battalion in Kono assured the audience that the plan of the government is to take note of the number of gun owners in the country. He said the country is so evil these days that people with weapon always feel they are on top of situation and therefore can do anything at their own free will. LT. Hindowa therefore called on the Kono people to co-operate with government, as this will help to ease fear and panic in society. Statements and other meaningful contributions came from the ONS boss, police, and the civil society.
By Jon-bu

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