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Bo goes curfew

The Assistant Inspector General of Police South, David Sesay, on Sunday 25th November declared curfew on the City of Bo.
The curfew starts from 9pm to 6:30am the next day.
This, he told Awoko, was in response to the “security threat” in the city. The threat he said continues till “we see that the city is facing no threat.”
However, the AIG declared curfew yesterday by 8PM on the three sister radio stations of SLBC Bo, Radio New Song and Radio Bo Kiss 104.
This immediately saw the deployment of OSD, Police and Military presence, all over the town with the people running helter-skelter to their various homes.
Meanwhile, the development came about after the discovery of ballot boxes at ‘Splendid’ where the National Electoral Commission had kept some non-sensitive electoral materials.
After the discovery, youths of the city mobilized themselves at the location, claiming the materials were ballot boxes yet to be retrieved and counted by NEC.
Consequently, the youths mobilized themselves around the Bo Regional Tally Centre stoning the building and shouting “No Maada Bio for President, No Sierra Leone.” But the security responded with a quick deployment of more security forces within the town and more around the location of the discovery and the tally centre.
In response to this, the PPRC, NEC, Brigade Commander, the SLPP MP-elect of constituency 069, Resident Minister Moijueh Kaikai, Francis Hindowa, AIG south and Civil Society went on the air to allay the fears of the public. Francis Hindowa of the SLPP blamed, the national electoral commission for having “caused all this.” All the panelist explained the same story about the boxes: “All the ballots papers in the boxes have been counted with records in the hands of all the stakeholders.”
That notwithstanding, the curfew, the AIG told Awoko, “goes on till we see that there is no more threat to peace.”
By Jenkins Bawoh

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