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GNR fights Frank Timis over Burkina’s Tambao Manganese mines

General Nice Resources (GNR) a mining company whose headquarters are in Hong Kong are seemingly locked in a legal battle with the government of Burkina Faso over ownership rights of the Tambao manganese mines in the north of the country.
According to reports, GNR signed a memorandum of understanding with the Burkina Faso government in October 2011 (which is valid until April 2013) for the exploitation of manganese in Tambao.
However in August 2012 the Burkina Faso government signed an agreement with Pan African Minerals whose CEO is Frank Timis for the exact same concession.
GNR made attempts to resolve the issue through the local Center for Arbitration and Mediation in Ouagadougou (CAMCO), but various attempts failed because of the consecutive no-show of the government.
As a result reports say GNR contracted the Paris based Fidal law firm and one of its partners, Isabelle Vaugon, on November 30th notified the Minister of Mines of Burkina Faso, Salif Lamoussa Kabore, that they will start arbitration proceedings before the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris in order to resolve the issues GNR and Burkina Faso with respect to the Tambao mine.
The government of Burkina Faso responded by requesting a local mediation through CAMCO.
GNR, is reported to have spent between US$50 to 70 million up to date, in the development and exploitation of manganese resources in Tambao. This includes an extensive mining report, road & railway technical reports and an environmental impact report.

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