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Cholera still in Bo

The Cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone has so far from July 16th to December 5th2012 affected about 633 lives in the district of Bo.
Among this total, 297 are males, while 386 are females. And among the 297 males, 45 are under fives while 252 are above 5 years. And among the 386 females, 47 are under-five, while 339 are above 5 years.
However, of the entire 633 total infected, only 27 died at the Bo Government Hospital, while the rest died either at their homes or while on the way to the hospital.
This disclosure was made to Awoko by the Bo District Disease Survey Officer John Kannie.
He explained that even the 27 deaths at the hospital were “most times due to the late responding and bringing in of the patients to the hospital.”
Among the 27 dead, 13 are males while 14 are females. Among the 13 males, 2 are under fives while 11 were above 5 years. With the female deaths being 14, 5 were under fives while 9 fell above 5 years.
Additionally, the Ministry of Health has contained the disease in the 16 chiefdoms of Bo but with Valunya Chiefdom being the only challenge. “We are just getting new reports of the disease in Valunya chiefdom but forensic investigation continues,” Kannie said. This area, he explained, lacks good sanitation like good toilet facility in almost all of the areas of suspected cases.
By Jenkins Bawoh

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