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As sierra Leone ranks high in HDI… Civil Society rep complains of social injustices

The 2013 Human Development Index (HDI) report presented by the United Nations Development Programme on Tuesday at State Hall of the House of Parliament has indicated that Sierra Leone, among 187 countries is ranked 177, suggesting speedy progress as against previous years.
In the midst of this UNDP accolade, a representative of Civil Society organizations in the country, Abu Brima, who is the Director of Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), highlighted a number of social injustices prevalent in the country, as the report unveils.
Abu Brima, questioning whose prosperity does the “Agenda for Prosperity” caters, said that lecturers are still on strike, as a result of delay in salary payment, thereby deterring academic progress in the country.
He said that no country can attain human development without making remarkable success in education, for which, he said, the government should pay considerable attention on education.
He observed that people are still wallowing in poverty as they cannot afford the three square meals a day, owing to lack of employment, corruption and other impeding factors attributed to present day Sierra Leone.
He noted that with the making of some progress over the years, there is dire need for the development of both human and institutional capacities to enable the provision of basic necessities such as housing, water, food and employment for the growing population.
Abu Brima maintained that the report is an inspiration for the country to press further, other than being complacent.
Giving an in-depth analysis of the 216 pages report, the Country Director of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Mia Seppo said that since 1990, annual Human Development reports published by UNDP have explored challenges that confront the world, which include: poverty, inequality, globalization, water scarcity, migration, climate change among others.
She said that the 2013 report, which is the 22nd in global series, is focusing on the rapidly changing and increasingly interconnected world in which we live and the role of developing countries in this direction.
She said that the report, which was launched in Mexico last Thursday, 14thMarch, lists Sierra Leone along with Angola, Burundi, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Liberia, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda and Tanzania, among countries that made the greatest strides in HDI improvement since 2000; with Sierra Leone being the 2nd highest in the world.
She said that the position is an indication that Sierra Leone is making progress in improving the lives of its people. And that the country has made progress in re-building its data systems and their growing credibility that allows for comparability across countries.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Corporation, Dr. Samura Kamara, prior to the launch of the report, commended the government for having worked so successfully to attain their position in the HDI.
He admonished that there is need to move forward to alleviate poverty in the country.
By Poindexter Sama

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