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Unregistered Bikes a Menace in Makeni

The Regional License Officer North, Alie Badara Tarawallie, has described the present inflow of unregistered commercial motor bikes in Makeni, as increasing and one that poses a serious threat to the health and security of residents in Makeni.
He made this assertion in an exclusive interview at his Police Barracks Road Office in Makeni.
Speaking during an exclusive interview with AWOKO, the regional license Officer North, said the rate at which unregistered bikes enter the district from neighbouring Guinea is alarming, noting that the number is not commensurate to those that are registered by them on a daily basis.
He however confirmed receipt of matters relating to registration of bikes but he was more particular about the ratio of unregistered bikes.
Alie Badara Tarawallie said with the number of arrests by Traffic Warden on a daily basis, they are yet to address the issue of unregistered bikes in Makeni city in particular, noting that, the Makeni Bike Riders Union had not been cooperating with them much in ensuring their members register their bikes. He accused the Union members of having most of the unregistered bikes.
The Regional License Officer said as a public Institution that helps greatly in generating revenue for the country’s economy, they are expecting a lot from the Bike Riders Union, to help them in providing leadership by registering their bikes.
In his response, the deputy Chairman for Makeni Bike Riders Union, Osman Conteh said their Union was formed with the aim of ensuring that all commercial bike riders and their bikes are registered with the Union for their protection whenever they come in contact with the law.
He said they have been playing an instrumental role in helping the regional license officer with regards the registration of commercial bikes.
Mr. Osman Conteh said the problem of not registering bikes at the Makeni license Office was as a result of ‘delay in the process of registration of bikes. He said they have to wait for a month or more to receive a license, which according to him was slow and time consuming as they are business people.
The deputy chairman for Makeni Commercial Bike Riders said notwithstanding the slow pace in the license office in Makeni, they have been playing a very active role in generating revenue for the Transport sector, especially in encouraging their members to register their bikes.
He said in the entire country they were the highest district in terms of registration of commercial bikes which according to him was good news.
By Mohamed Kabba

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