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To capacitate local council monitors… ‘Ears’ donates radio sets to CARL

Ears to our world’, a United States based organisation that specializes in the distribution of self-powered world band radios to schools and communities, has donated 30 self-powered radios to the Centre for Accountability and the Rule of Law (CARL).
The thirty hand-cranked radios, according to the Executive Director for CARL, Ibrahim Tommy, during the donation ceremony yesterday at the National Museum in Freetown, is to capacitate the already trained 25 community monitors for the local councils across the country.
Ibrahim Tommy said that the donation was very timely as it will help the dissemination of information to vulnerable communities, especially where access to electricity has been a major challenge.
He said that the monitors will use the radios to tell inhabitants about daily happenings in the country; issues relating to human rights, domestic violence, good governance, transparency and accountability.
He said that the radio appliance will also help in reducing the burden of buying a battery for radio sets in remote communities, and will provide other facilities such as charging mobile phones and flashlight.
The Executive Director revealed that the donation was made through the African Community Internship Placement Programme (ACIPP)-West Africa, a Netherlands-based organisation promoting international youth exchange and local capacity building.
He explained that while working together with CARL on a new technology-focused approach to human rights programming, ACIPP West Africa contacted Ears to our World on behalf of CARL to donate the radio sets to enhance the success of their one year Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA) project of promoting transparency and accountability in local councils and other future projects that the organisation will initiate.
Tommy said that the radios will be distributed in 15 communities across the country, where CARL’s community-based monitors work on various initiatives aimed at promoting human rights, combating sexual and gender-based violence and enhancing accountability and transparency in the local government.
He said that with the radio sets, beneficiaries will be able to monitor various community radio stations and report to their communities, thus promoting community empowerment through information dissemination.
The Executive Director of ACIPP Simon Tsike-Sossah further explained that the high-technology radios are equipped with LED flashlights, and the cranks can be used to charge cell phones through a simple USB Cable, thus bringing relief to vulnerable communities which do not have access to electricity.
He assured that the number of the radio equipment will be increased, if it is found that its availability has contributed positively in changing the lives of people through information dissemination.
By Poindexter Sama

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