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Ritual Murder in Makeni

The criminal Investigation department of Rogbaneh Police station are investigating the mysterious death of one Mabinty Koroma, a student of the Makeni Comprehensive Academy (MCA) which took place on Friday 19th April, while selling locally-made soap along the Teko Sander and Teko Barracks area.
“What have we done to people in this place for them to kill my younger sister in such a disrespectful manner? They should have killed me instead, as she is the only child we are managing to be educated because she loves education.
She hardly goes out but because things were a bit difficult for us, I travelled to Magburaka to trade and buy more food, while she decided to prepare a locally-made soap, so that we can pay some of her educational bills.
Now she has been brutally murdered and some of her parts have been removed. This is complete wickedness and we will not forgive the perpetrators for this,” Isatu Koroma, the eldest sister of the deceased said, as she burst into tears, while explaining to Awoko.
The police at Rogbaneh Police station did confirm the report on Monday 22nd April 2013 from the village chief of Pate Bana, Kapr Fallah, in the Bombali district.
The village chief said he received a complaint from one Isatu Koroma, the elder sister of the deceased that, her younger sister, Mabinty Koroma went missing from their house on Friday 19th April 2013.
Chief Kpr Fallah said while the younger sister Isatu was searching for the deceased along the Teko Barracks road that leads to Masiaka, some two miles off, she met a group of people standing along the same path, crying that they have seen her younger sister Mabinty lying dead.
Police made an on-the-spot visit to the scene of crime with a medical practitioner from the Government hospital and they noticed that, the deceased had her left breast cut off, her right foot and left hand was deeply cut, and that, she was tied with a cotton cloth. The police team also discovered that, the deceased had a very deep cut from her chest right through her navel with a lot of bodily wounds.
The medical practitioner at the scene was unable to do anything but advised the relatives of the deceased to bury her, as there was no Pathologist around to examine and determine the cause of the death.
He said the missing left breast might have been removed for alleged ritual purposes.
Madam Isatu Koroma, the eldest sister said she thought at first that the deceased had gone to their father at Masiaka village some 2 miles from Teko Barracks when she did not return home.
She said on the following day, which was April 22, when there was no sign of the deceased, she decided to go to their father’s house to continue the search for the deceased but on the way she met some people crying for the corpse which turned out to be her missing younger sister.
By Mohamed Kabba

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