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Bolt may miss Betty

After only 24 hours in the game, some Housemates are faced with the very real possibly of being sent packing, this early in the game.
You could cut the tension with a knife, as the Housemates gathered in the lounges of both Houses, waiting for Big Brother’s collosal Nominations announcement.
When Biggie finally put the Rubies out of their misery, Selly, couldn’t contain herself.
It may be possible that Bolt may miss Betty in the Chase Big Brother Africa this Sunday, as she is up for eviction, there are possibilities that she will either go or stay in the house, as she is emotionally attached to Bolt.
Betty is not the only one up for possible eviction this week; Denzel, Betty, Hudda, Selly and Natasha are up for possible Eviction. Vote to keep your favorite Housemate in the game,
What do you get when you put together a beautiful Ethiopian dame and a dashing Sierra Leone hunk? The makings of an African fairytale romance.
Diamond House’s Betty and Bolt had temperatures soaring in the House last night and have since been affectionately dubbed ‘Beauty and the Beast’ by The Chase viewers.
Sierra Leone’s Bolt certainly bolted into Betty’s heart in record time.
The two Diamond Housemates couldn’t keep their hands off each other early this morning and shared a passionate fumble in the dark, as their fellow Housemates slept soundly. Betty, who does not know she is up for possible Eviction this week, is certainly using her time in the House wisely.
The two lovebirds, who met each other for the first time on Sunday evening, took advantage of the peace and quiet and kissed passionately in the dark.
When things got a little too heated, Bolt jumped out of bed and rummaged through bags, pockets and boxes, clearly searching for something. Whatever it is that Bolt was trying to find, proved elusive. The Sierra Leonean then gave up and headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Thirsty Betty seemed to appreciate this kind gesture and repaid Bolt in kind.
After giving him the smooch of the century, she slipped her hand under Bolt’s shirt and the two lay in each other’s arms, with no care in the world. Must be nice! Well, it looks like we have the first official coupling of the Season! The big question however is will these two run the race towards true love together – all the way to the finish line – or is this just a false start?
The Ghanaian hottie looked like someone had knocked the air out of her. She sat in stunned silence as her name was called out and then later burst into tears at the realization that she could be headed home. Luckily, Zimbabwe’s Hakeem, was on hand with encouragement and words of comfort. “It’s okay sweetie. Just stay focused. It’s only a game,” he said.
Bassey, on the other hand, did not let his emotions out of the bag and simply looked on as his name was called. Ruby Head of House, Beverly, then went to the Diary Room where she elected to save Bassey from the Eviction gallows. In his place, she put Natasha up.
Diamonds Head of House, Feza, did not budge from her earlier Nomination decision and swiftly saved Elikem from possible Eviction. She put Ethiopia’s Betty in his place instead.
By Nancy Koroma

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