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Sierra Leone: Freetown experiences the highest rate of arm violence- Survey Report

A Baseline Survey conducted on armed violence in Sierra Leone report that the urban areas, especially Freetown experience the highest rates of armed violence.
The survey was conducted by Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms (SLANSA) and Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) across the country for the period of six month.
It was aimed at improving citizens’ understanding on the impact of armed violence, and formulating measures to reduce its impacts on communities.
Presenting the findings, the Director of Sierra Leone Action Network on Small Arms, Florella Hazeley stated that Two hundred and forty thousand Sierra Leoneans experience Violence each year and nearly One hundred and Five thousand experience violence with a weapon.
The report recommends among others that information campaigns and media training be conducted on conflict resolution for vulnerable people who have the potential to engage in violence.
Also, security providers should be trained to respond to Sexual and Gender Based Violence in a robust way and the 2012 Arms and Ammunition Act be implemented in order to reinforce the control of firearms.
In his address, the Chief of Staff, Richard Conteh commended SLANSA and AOAV for undertaking the survey. He acknowledged that the government is aware of the current trend of armed violence in the country.
Conteh stated that the government places premium on efforts that are made by any institution that respects human rights in the country including SLANSA and AOAV who have brought to light evidence of continued armed violence and proffered recommendations to minimize its occurrence in Sierra Leone.
The Commissioner for Sierra Leone Nation Commission on Small Arms, Moidibo Leslie Lymon also commended the survey and strictly advised civilians to refrain from carrying arms as it has the potential to disrupt public peace.
By Keifa M. Jaward

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