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Basic Facts about CHOLERA What is Cholera?

Cholera is caused by a germ called vibrio cholera and characterized by the passing of three or more rice coloured watery stools and sometimes with vomiting. Children and adults die from cholera because too much water is lost from the body which is known as Dehydration.

How is Cholera spread?
Cholera germs are found in the faeces of infected people.
People contact cholera through drinking water or eating food that is contaminated with the cholera germ (vibrio cholera). Flies can contribute to the spread of cholera.
Cholera spreads easily in communities without latrines and safe water.

Prevention Messages

1. Drink safe water that is boiled or chlorinated:
Bottled water with unbroken seals and canned/bottle are safe to drink and use.
Clean food preparation areas and kitchen utensils with soap and safe water and lets dry completely before reuse.
Pipe water sources, drinks sold in cups or sachets or ice may not be safe and should be boil or treated with chlorine.

Boil it or treat it with a chlorine product (Aqua tabs etc.). If boiling, bring your water to a complete boil for at least one minute or until bubbles come out.
Always store your treated water in a clean covered container.
Always use a clean cup to collect drinking water from the container and do not dip your fingers in the water.

2. Wash your hands often with soap and safe water
Before you eat or prepare food
Before feeding your child
After using the latrine or toilet
After cleaning your child’s bottom
After taking care of someone ill with diarrhea

3. Use latrines or bury your faeces; do not defecate in the open
Use latrines to dispose of faeces
Clean latrines and surfaces contaminated with faeces with disinfectant

4. Wash and cook food thoroughly. Buy and eat hot food only.
Wash fruits and vegetables with safe water before eating and preparing food.
Eat food that is served hot and free from dust, flies and dirt
Cover food always.

What to do if you or your family is ill with diarrhea:
If you have Oral Dehydration Solution (ORS), start taking it now; If you don’t have ORS, prepare and take Sugar Salt Solution (SSS)
Report immediately to the nearest health facility, cholera treatment centre, or community health worker if you can. Continue to drink ORS at home and while you travel to get treatment
Home based fluids (coconut water, boiled rice water, weak tea, plain soup) can also be given to replace lost fluids
Continue to breastfeed if they have watery diarrhea even when travelling to get treatment.
Cholera deaths can be prevented. Do not wait, seek EARLY and FREE treatment at the nearest Government Health Centre

How to prepare ORS/SSS (water meresin)
ORS  Mix the content of one ORS packet in three pints (one litre) of safe water.
SSS  Mix eight level teaspoon sugar and one level teaspoon salt in three pints (one litre) of safe water

The mutiny story is getting so interesting these days that it keeps me laughing always. The interesting part of this story is the battle between the pro APC newspapers that are telling us that we should not take this mutiny or coup lightly or for granted because one APC school of thought says it is a plot orchestrated by the old members of the party as they want to regain control from the young members. Another school of thought is saying that the president’s blue eye boys are plotting the third term. One thing I know is that the mutiny or coup is an APC orchestrated plan to either stay in power longer than 2018 at all cost or to destroy the opposition so they can do whatever they like. The bottom line is we have to be mindful and prepared for any shock as we await the result of the investigation.
I am again calling for the unity of SLPP as the situation in the country is becoming an emergency. The current government has weakened the Civil Society. Even the judiciary and other partners have all been brought down to their knees. SLAJ has been divided and there is no credible opposition if they are ready to launch the drive for the third term. So if you people continue to push division in your party then it will be advantageous for APC because a divided house will not stand and they will majestically launched the third term plan. Please it will be in the interest of the party and all Sierra Leoneans for you people to see reason to come together and chat the way forward if you are to stand against any third term or seven year term for the president. I am appealing to you Chief Karpen and Ambassador Allie Bangura to please find a way out of the impasse so you can save this nation from the path of destruction. Your unity will be the people’s gain.
Sierra Leonean leaders always refused to learn from the past as they always say they will not make the same mistake. But at the end they will make the worse mistakes. We know how the late Siaka Stevens and Joseph Momoh ended. Look at Tejan Kabbah also who after two terms respectfully left power.  Even though he is sick but he still has respect and living in the country and being treated like a former president. We have seen some ministers today; they resemble paupers because they never learnt from the past. Men always talk big, make big plans and they forget that the last say comes from the Almighty God. Today we have seen how ministers and politicians are behaving like they are god and nobody can stop them from what they want to do, but at the fullness of time the truth and the will of God will prevail.
Community Development is one very important aspect of our development that is lacking in this country. We Sierra Leoneans are always waiting for government to do everything for us. There are so many minor problems that we can deal with but we will refuse to do it. We can see many examples all around. A little pothole will be in front of a house, instead of the inhabitants try to fill it up, they will leave it until it becomes a canal, then they will start shouting and blaming government. This pothole will not allow them to have a decent place to park their car. Others will bring out all their filth and put it in front of the house rather than taking it to the garbage center.  There are many things we can do in our community to keep it clean and peaceful, but we will deliberately refuse to do them at our own detriment.
September 2, 2013

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