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Sierra Leone News: Disable wheelchair handball unveils

Disable handball match in progressA new sport discovered for the disables in Sierra Leone is looking forward to get its recognition across the country. Wheelchair handball started few months ago through web search by George Whyndam who is now captain of the team.
He said disability is not inability, adding that the vision of the game is to draw the wheelchair persons from the street and engage them to help them fight their stigma of disability. He said the team has been divided into two; Freetown and Waterloo wheelchair handball teams. This according to George is to popularize the game. Both teams engaged in a friendly match at the National Stadium Practicing Field with a level score line of four.
A female handball coordinator of the Sierra Leone Handball Association Aminata Turay said the test match was to get the acquaintance of the game and reveal it to the Fans.
She emphasized that similar test matches will be played regularly to improve on the skills of the players. Abubakkar Bangura who is the coach of the team said plans are underway to expand the game to the regions to select a formidable side that could represent the country at subsequent International competitions.
And the Secretary General of the Paralympics in Sierra Leone, Joseph O’Rielly Campbell said wheelchair handball is also part of the Para sport. He highlighted that the Para committee is planning to incorporate the game into the Paralympics system to make it a competitive game.
Monday September 23, 2013

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