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Sierra Leone News: Mutzig Beer Launched…Centenarian Celebrates with World’s Best in Beer

Madam Freeman opening theFew minutes after the launch of the new crafted beer called Mutzig by Sierra Leone Brewery Limited at the Miatta Conference Hall past Friday, Mrs. Abigail Freeman fondly called Mammy Abi celebrated with the world’s best in beer, Mutzig as she was celebrating her 100th Birthday at the YWCA old hall.
Mrs. Freeman was given the new beer as gift from Brewery’s biggest distributor Clifford Thomas of Sugar Loaf Enterprises to have a taste.
To the surprise of all celebrating this great day with Mammy Abi, she took the beer and opened it with her teeth, then she poured some into her wine glass and as tradition demands, poured libation with the words: “GOD BLESS BREWERY” before she emptied the beer content in her glass.
After drinking the new beer she was asked by several people how she felt the taste of the beer. She replied, “dis beer tase fine o!” (The taste of this beer is good oh!). She received a round of applause and soon, beer-loving people celebrating with Mammy Abi turned to the beer in order to feel the taste of the Mutzig beer like the celebrant has done.
People became fascinated with the beer and when they were told that the beer has no sugar, they became more interested and wanted to know the cost of a bottle and cartoon.
Just before this celebration, the management of Brewery had put up a wonderful launching ceremony at the Miatta Conference Hall where the Minister of Trade, Alhaji Usu Boie launched the new beer. He congratulated Brewery for their continuous stance in development and making Sierra Leone a proud nation and said he has been told that this brand is popular in Africa, so Sierra Leone should not be left behind.
He said as a Muslim he doesn’t know whether the taste of the beer is good, but the feedback he has received from others say the beer is of “high quality” crafted to enrich the taste and to give consumers their money’s worth.
Minister Usu Boie applauded Brewery for their continuous strides they have made in the beer market as Brewery started operations around the time of independence of the country. He advised them to continue their good work and hope this brand will have an instant success in the market.
In his short delivery, the Managing Director of the company Mr. Willy Ngana said few days ago, they launched their new water treatment plant and now they are launching their new product called Mutzig, which he says is the world’s best in beer.
He told all present that this beer stands for personality and Mutzig is for you beer lovers. He said it is a very good quality brand that is bottled in 33cl container that should be retailed at Le4,500 per bottle and Le90,000 per cartoon of 24 bottles.
However, he stressed the point that Brewery is going through a rough ride with lots of foreign beers in the market, but assured all that they will always stand out as the best because they have three different beers of high quality that are always serving the interest of all beer fans.
He said Mutzig is sugar free for those who like bitter beer, Heineken which has sugar for those who like sweet beer and Star beer for those who like to drink lager beer. He admonished every beer lover to embrace the Brewery brands because they are brewed and crafted with quality and seriousness.
Mr. Ngana averred that Sierra Leone Brewery is a subsidiary of Heineken International and Heineken stands for quality and success. “We will continue to work in the interest of quality so that our consumers will always be satisfied”.
The Commercial Manager Mr. Donkoh in his own short presentation unveiled the new advertisement and jingles that will be on TV and radio and stressed the point that Mutzig beer has no sugar. He said it is brewed from malt, water, cereals and hops and it is brewed with excellence.
He said the new treatment plant and modern filtration equipment acquired by Brewery are both geared towards improving the quality of their brands to the highest level.
“Mutzig he said is brewed to satisfy the taste of a consumer with passion for a stronger more refined and bitter beer giving the opportunity for consumers to enjoy the brand anywhere they want. He said the bottle is non returnable so consumers don’t have to worry as it gives them the opportunity to drink it anytime and anywhere.
The launching was climaxed by a party where hundreds of beer loving fans drank as much Mutzig they wanted with lots of positive response. These responses gave the management the zeal and determination to work harder and make sure the beer hit the stands all over the country now.
Mutzig comes in 33centilitre bottles, with a foil to give the brand a premium look and feel. Desmond Benya who was the MC for the program was backed by another standup comedian from Liberia to entertain the guests.
Monday October 07, 2013

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