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Sierra Leone News: UDM Leader accuses CSOs of plotting with World Bank Specialist

Mohamed BanguraThe Chairman and Leader of the United Democratic Movement Party, Mohamed Bangura, on Thursday accused Civil Society Organizations and journalists of conniving with a Senior World Bank Government Specialist to embark on projects that expose the pitfalls of government.
This allegation was levied during a press conference held at the United Democratic Movement Party’s headquarters in Freetown. The press conference was also witnessed by some members of the entertainment industry who claimed to have been part of a meeting held by World Bank officials.
The UDM Leader explained  that a Senior Government Specialist at the World Bank, Christopher Gabelle has been reported to have “incited” members of the entertainment industry to start composing anti-government songs, as they were doing during the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) rule because there are presently increases in social menaces in the country.
The UDM Leader alleged that Christopher Gabelle has been rallying around journalists and Civil Society Organizations to amplify the issues with the exchange for huge funding by the World Bank.
These allegations were witnessed by Abu Bakar Conteh (DJ Boxx), Abu Bakar Bangura, Milton Coker (Collabo) and a female artist who all testified that it was on Wednesday, October 2, 2013 that the World Bank invited them with the aim of updating them on its activities in Sierra Leone, which turned out to be an “incitement meeting.”
Mohamed Bangura stressed that it is not the mandate of the World Bank Specialist to be reminding the citizens of what they ought to do especially that he is a foreigner and has no voting right in the country.
For this, the United Democratic Movement (UDM) as an opposition party has called on the World Bank and Government of Sierra Leone to facilitate the withdrawal of Christopher Gabelle as his continued stay in the country is a recipe for instability and has the potential of eroding the democratic gains of the Government and people of Sierra Leone.
Before coming to press, this reporter made the move to have reactions from the World Bank Specialist to the allegations levied but he was not around the World Bank’s premises at the time of visit
By Keifa M. Jaward
Friday October 18, 2013

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