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Sierra Leone News: China Kingho & China Medical Team offers free Medical treatment at Mabonto

One of the Patients receiving free treatment from China Kingho and China Medical TeamChina Kingho in collaboration with China Medical Team over the weekend offered free medical treatment to hundreds of patients within the Kaffe Simira Chiefdom in the Tonkolili District Northern Sierra Leone where the company operates.
Most of the patients trekked several miles whiles others used commercial motorbikes to reach the China Medical Team at Mabonto as most of the towns and villages lack adequate medical facilities.
Addressing a mammoth gathering of patients at the Mabonto Court Barray the Deputy Manager of China Kingho James Yeh said in the past most people do not know much about china but today the situation has changed as Chinese people are greatly contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.
He said China Kingho has been working with residents and local authorities of Kaffe Simira Chiefdom for years on the areas of mining exploration and they have established a strong working relationship with the people.
He said China Kingho has continued their support to the people in the areas of health, education and community development.
The Deputy Manager of China Kingho James Yeh also stated that the China Medical Team have been providing quality health care delivery to patients in Freetown on daily basis adding that they are  helping patients in Freetown.
He said the visit of the China Medical Team to Mabonto was supported by China Kingho as part of the company’s fulfilment of their corporate social responsibility to the communities they operate,
He said China Kingho supported the China Medical Team to provide quality medical treatment for patients in rural areas  We send our medical team to Mabonto so that the people can get uality medical treatment
James Yeh said China Kingho is working in collaboration with the China Medical Team to help the needy people of Kaffe Simira Chiefdom to get proper medical care free of cost.
He said “health is the most important thing in life as everybody needs good health for a better living.” Additionally the Deputy Manager of China Kingho James Yeh said the company intends to extend the free medical treatment to other areas the company operate.
The leader of the China Medical Team Dr. Wang said they are offering patients with free treatment in most of the common ailments like, malaria, fever, and body pains cold amongst others sickness.
He said ten qualified and trained doctors were available for the treatment of patients providing health advice and also dispensing, noting that the China Medical Team will be extended their outreach to more rural areas in the country.
He said the China Medical Team was overwhelmed with patients at Mabonto which shows the high demand for medical treatment in rural Sierra Leone.
Several patients told our reporter after the treatment that, they were happy for the presence of the China Medical Team for their timely intervention.
The paramount chief of Paramount Chief of Kaffesimra Chiefdom P.C. Alimamy Bangura Ⅱ who was also treated by the China Medical Team expressed thanks and appreciation to China Kingho for providing the support to his chiefdom and applauded the doctors for the treatment
The ceremony was chaired by Dr Paolo Bangura Lecturer at the University of Sierra Leone who said china Kingho believes in love and friendship and expressed delight for the health intervention of the Chinese people.
By Saidu Bah
Wednesday October 30,2013

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