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Sierra Leone News: Mining Journal Special Supplement Launched

Deputy Minister, Abdul Ignosi Koroma launching the JournalThe Deputy Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources, Abdul Ignosi Koroma recently launched the Mining Journal Special Supplement on Sierra Leone at the offices of the National Minerals Agency (NMA).
The journal which has details of Sierra Leone’s mineral deposits provides information on the concrete steps government has taken in the mining sector.
Mr. Koroma noted that the publication of the Mining Journal Special Supplement on Sierra Leone is a major step by government to showcase the country’s rich minerals potential aimed at attracting much more needed investments.
He added that the recent reforms and on-going projects in the Ministry have resulted “in huge national developmental preparedness to achieve the Agenda for Prosperity”. This national preparedness he says included the new Mines and Minerals Act 2009, the new National Minerals Agency Act 2012, new Operational Regulations, new Social Environmental Regulations, a new Precious Trading Bill, a new Resettlement Policy, a new world-class National Minerals Agency, the Mining Cadastre and On-Line Repository and Administration System.
The Deputy Minister said that the country’s Agenda for Prosperity identifies development of the minerals sector as a fundamental pillar for promoting sustainable economic growth. “The mining sector is already a key contributor to GDP and government revenue and the expansion of the industry is expected to economically lift up Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans to a middle income country by 2035,”the Deputy Minister noted.
Earlier on in his welcome statement, Director General of the NMA, Sahr Wonday said that since the supplement was first distributed at the West Africa Mining investment Summit in London in early June on to subsequent distribution at various Mines and Money events throughout this year, it has been very well received by hundreds of thousands of people that were impressed with its scope and attention to detail.
He said that in addition to providing information on the rich minerals potential and the current state of the mining industry in Sierra Leone. The supplement, he also noted, provides good information on the concrete steps government has taken to establish “a strong and robust governance framework for the mining sector that balances the financial benefits produced for government and the private sector with the protections of communities and the environment”.
He thanked JIC-Media whose tireless efforts made the publication of the supplement a reality, which he asserted “has helped to boost the image of Sierra Leone and its mining industry”.
In his closing statement, a Representative of JIC- Media, Babatunde Roland-May explained what JIC-Media is doing to help promote Sierra Leone’s mining sector “as a key investment destination in Africa”. He said that the journal has been in existence since 1835.
By Abibatu Kamara
Tuesday December 17, 2013

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