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Sierra Leone News: S.H.A.R.E. Launches NPSE-tutorial course

Beneficiaries of SHARE NPSE programmeS.H.A.R.E.  International Inc., (Sustainable & Holistic Advances for Rural Education) a registered nongovernmental organization in the United States and the Republic of Sierra Leone has launched  its National Primary School Examination-NPSE-tutorial courses in Lunsar, Marampa Chiefdom, Port Loko district recently at the R C Parish Hall.
Those in attendance included headmasters, Supervisor of Schools Port Loko district, parents, selected (20 boys and 20 girls) pupils, current Peace Corps volunteers serving as teachers in Lunsar, and various prominent members of the Lunsar community.
In his opening remarks, the chairman during the launching Reverend Sheriff A. Sankoh, headmaster of Sierra Leone Church Primary School Lunsar stated that SHARE is the first organization to provide private NPSE tutorial courses to eligible primary schools students at no cost.  Rev. Sankoh, also stated that this is the pilot phase and depending on the performance of those selected this year, there are plans to expand the program by selecting more students to participate in the coming years and advise the selected students to set a high example for others that will participate in coming years.
Mr. Hassan Kanu, a member of SHARE, stated that parents of the selected forty pupils do not have to carry any financial burden for their children to receive the private tutorial courses.  All NPSE materials and other items such as notebook, pencils and pens shall be offered to students by SHARE.
Mr. Osman Kabia,  founder of SHARE who served as a Peace Corps volunteer from 2003-2006 stated that his passion for service and building relationship with people from all walks of life started in Lunsar, shaped at R.C Boys Primary School in Lunsar then strengthen during his years as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali and Zambia. “I have a zero political and tribal agenda for Lunsar or the country as a whole.” The selected pupils represent various tribal affiliations and funding of the organization comes from the generous donation of friends, former supervisors in America, family members, former co-workers, Return Peace Corps Volunteers-RPCVs and  personal savings from having worked in Afghanistan as a Foreign Service Limited Officer Osman lamented.
SHARE understands there are many pupils in need of such opportunities after the completion of the pilot phase, We hope to re-visit our focus and area of work for all activities   since this is the first year of the organization, SHARE has not received any major funding or grants from any institution, donors, or organizations  Mr.Kabia also stressed that Since his arrival on October 2013, he has been working with nine primary schools headmasters, all members of the Lunsar Primary School head-teachers council to select forty students to participate in a pilot program and stressed that this is just the pilot phase for all activities.
Mr. AlieTuray, another member of SHARE, stated that each teacher will have ten students. The programme wants to promote the importance of small size classrooms and the value of providing individual attention to students. According to Mr.Turay, SHARE plans to video tape all class sessions. Upon completion of the pilot phase, all recordings will be transferred to a CD for national distribution to other part of the country and also place on SHARE’s YouTube channel for a broader viewership.
Mrs.Thoronka, headmistress for Port Loko District Education Council Primary School in Lunsar (also a partnering school) spoke firmly on the need of parents to participate and get involved in the education of their children. She stated that parents need to promote further studies at home and to discourage the viewing of certain television programs, music and games during weekdays.
A single mother Mrs. Kadiatu Kamara expressed words of thanks to members of SHARE and stated that due to the passing of her late husband, she is not able to afford such opportunities to her son. She welcome and appreciate the assistance. Abdul another parent in the audience stated that, he has only heard of such opportunities been offered in Freetown at a large financial price. The parent went on stating that, the community needs to hold such opportunities brought by SHARE with great care for majority of the parents in the community are not able to pay the cost of private tutorial lessons for the NPSE. This is a God sent opportunity.
To show support to their fellow Peace Corps volunteer brother, a current Peace Corps volunteer Christina, stationed in Lunsar gave words of encouragement to SHARE on behalf of the Peace Country Director for Sierra Leone. The volunteer stated that the service of Peace Corps volunteers does not end at the conclusion of the two years. Many Peace Corps volunteers go on serving community, countries and organization in various capacity after completing their years of Peace Corps service.
In closing of the remarks, Mr. Osman Kabia spoke directly to the parents and the students by stressing the main objective of the program. He stated that SHARE is here to work, partner and collaborate with various members of the community towards a common goal. But firmly stated that the vision and mission of SHARE is non-political and non-tribal.
Wednesday Janauary 29, 2014

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