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Sierra Leone News: Culture Radio Presenter fighting for his life over witchcraft

Obai Wurie at his hospital bedThe presenter of Culture radio’s popular radio programe Shekpendeh Mr Obai Wurie is seriously sick as a result of what is alleged to be witchcraft activities.
He has been hospitalized for the past three weeks suffering from unbearable pain with a swollen foot making him unable to walk.
Speaking to AWOKO from his hospital bed Obai Wurie narrated his ordeal in tears while struggling to move his body.
He said it was on the 10th February 2014 after presenting his Shekpendeh show on the radio when he was struck by a debilitating aliment that paralyzed him completely.
Obai was rushed to a Nigerian Hausa native doctor at Regent Street but his condition got worse and the wounds on his feet degenerated to maggots discharging out his foot.
It later developed to a big injury with the skin around the ankle up to the toe and fingers appearing very wrinkled.
The youthful ObaiWurie has now shrunk to about two sizes smaller while he continues to fight for his life. His doting wife literally does everything for him.
He looked emotionally weak and traumatized saying “I don’t think I will continue my broadcasting career at Culture Radio anymore considering my current experience.”
ObaiWurie strongly believes that his enemies are responsible for his ailment particularly for his popular Shekpendehprogramme which exposes social and political issues inimical to the development of the state.
He is a respected broadcaster that has contributed towards the development of the society by informing, educating and also entertaining the public through the radio.
Obai could not move an inch with his feet so his family decided to take him to an undisclosed hospital around Freetown where he was first diagnosed with diabetes but it later turned out to be negative.
He said a friend of his from Port Loko visited him and found out that the cause might be related to witchcraft, so they decided to contact a herbalist called SayorConteh.
AWOKO also spoke to the herbalist who claimed that ObaiWurie was on ‘Fangay’ witchcraft aimed at destroying his feet completely which he alleged was orchestrated by four people in high places in society.
He said they have unearthed a bottle that has the broken leg of a chicken tied with a tread and some demonic objects.
He said he became aware when it was too late but however assured that after the performance of some traditional ceremonies he will cure ObaiWurie the broadcaster.
Wednesday March 04, 2014

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