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Sierra Leone News: Sierra Leone Women call for Release Abducted Girls in Nigeria

womenWomen in Sierra Leone yesterday converged at the Nigeria High Commission, in protest against the abduction of over 200 Girls by the Boko Haram Terrorist Group in Borno State Northern Nigeria on April 14, this year.
The protest was organized by Sierra Leone Women’s Forum and 50/50 group and was attended by school-going pupils, students and women from all works of life with the slogan ‘Bring Back our Girls’.
Speaking on behalf of women in Sierra Leone, the president of 50/50 group, IshaFofanah Ibrahim said the protest was organized to show their solidarity with women in Nigeria, requesting for the release of over 200 girls abducted by Boko Haram while noting that terrorism is a horrendous act which cannot be tolerated.
She called on the Nigerian Government, African Union, ECOWAS, United Nations and the International community to act collectively and precisely to ensure the safe return of these girls, adding that “women in Sierra Leone understand the horror of abduction and continue to feel the devastation of such devious acts even after the war, as thousands of girls and women were abducted and used as sex slaves during the 11 year-rebel war”.
She called on the international community and United Nations to exert great efforts in putting an end to these horrible practices in which women lives and bodies are used as weapons of war and maintained that this is a human right issue and should be treated with the seriousness it deserves.
High Commissioner of Nigeria, Gladys Modupe Quist-Adebiyi expressed her profound gratitude to the women of Sierra Leone in joining hands with women in Nigeria to fight against terrorism, adding that terrorism does not acknowledge religion, race or gender.
The High Commissioner said women and girls have suffered greatly in terms of war, terrorism, violent crimes and sexual abuse which resultsin poor health conditions of women and girls all over the world.
The High Commissioner however assured the women that the Nigerian government together with the International community is doing everything in their capacity to ensure the safe return of the abducted girls and bring an end to terrorism in Nigeria.
She commended the women for being in the forefront to fight against terrorism and other criminal acts against women, as this will bring the attention of the International Community to put measures in place to ensure safety of women in Africa and the world at large.
Commissioner Gladys Modupe Quist-Adebiyi prayed together with the women in Sierra Leone for God’s intervention to guide and protect these girls as they are going through a difficult time and extend her empathy towards their family members. She also prayed that such horrendous act is not repeated in any other country and therefore called on all governments to work hand in hand to fight against terrorism.
By Mariam Bah
Wednesday May 13, 2014

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