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Sierra Leone News: Salone gets new technical university

A new dawn in the educational sector that would cater for students to be empowered in the industrial sector is on the verge of focusing on the manpower development in the country.
Explaining his vision for the country, the proprietor of the Crown Technical University College, Dr. Andrew Curtis, said “Crown Technical University College will become an outstanding provider of quality technical and higher education. It will motivate students to achieve high levels of success, develop technical, vocational and academic skills, through an employer and university led course offer and a business-like environment, which leads to 100% progression to good careers and/or higher education, helps to meet employers’ needs for high level skills and broadens the offer available to students in Sierra Leone.”
The College which is on its second year of existence, has a student population of 200, and with new courses within its expansion growth, says Dr. Curtis.
He went on to explain that “Students are provided the skills and training needed to enter careers in industries that have employment opportunity over time. What industries you ask?  CROWN offers career education and training programs in the telecommunications, healthcare, middle-manpower skills, dental, business, information technology, skilled trades, entrepreneurship and mining career fields. That makes Crowntec a post-secondary network of colleges and institutes with a wide variety of educational choices!”
Dr. Curtis is of the opinion that Sierra Leone needs a cultural change in its educational system as most of his middle man sectors are not well skilled in carpentry, welding, motor mechanic and other skills that are currently being dominated by foreigners.
Crown Technical University College is linked with recognized British awarding bodies and universities, and has a link programme with school in Sierra Leone in order to expose the kids to these basic facilities rather than wait until they have left school to start using computers when they want to apply for jobs.
Thursday August 07, 2014

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