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Sierra Leone News: China to Sierra Leone …We fight Ebola together

chinaChinese government true to their word has delivered Ebola relief supplies worth 10 million Yuan ($1.63 million) to the Government and people of Sierra Leone. The chartered flight carrying the supplies landed at the Freetown International Airport at 15:50 GMT yesterday Monday.
Handing over the supplies to the Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs and Health, Chinese Ambassador Zhao Yanbo said China has a long lasting relationship with Sierra Leone and they cannot sit and allow Sierra Leone to suffer so much without them coming out to aid them.
He said this is the second batch of Ebola Supplies they are sending and the first was for protection which he said was valued at one million Yuan ($163,000).
He said his Government has been monitoring the situation and that is why they responded by sending these supplies.
Three weeks ago, President Ernest Koroma called a meeting of all International corporations, Embassies and Consulates to a meeting. It was sad that the Chinese Ambassador was never invited. He only saw the meeting on SLBC TV. Even though China has been so close to Sierra Leone, the government said they ‘forgot’ to invite him.
However, Ambassador Zhao said that this new batch of China aided anti-Ebola emergency medical relief and the condolence message from President Xi Jinping have once again demonstrated the brotherly relations between China and Sierra Leone. “I hope that the new batch of aid materials will help Sierra Leone win the battle against Ebola.”
Ambassador Zhao said today Tuesday, three Chinese Doctors will arrive to teach and train Sierra Leonean health workers how to use the materials. Also, he said other medical officials from the China Disease Control that have knowledge of virus treatment.
In her short response, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Ebun Strasser-King said China is a friend indeed, because when we are in trouble, they are still helping us and working with us to rid the country of the virus.
She said even with the earthquake problem they have in Liu Dan, Yunan Province, they still came to our aid to help us fight the virus. She said now she understands who is the true friend of Sierra Leone.
She thanked the Chinese Government through the Ambassador and said Sierra Leone will never forget what China is doing for us and said a friend in need is a friend indeed.
Giving his own statement, deputy Health Minister (1) Dr. Abubakarr Fofanah said he was lost for words, as what China has done is beyond his imagination.
The deputy minister said the Ebola supplies that were received yesterday was put together in one week.
He said they met with the Ambassador last week to ask for help and this week the supplies have arrived. “Only China can do this for us as they put aside all bureaucracies to make sure the supplies arrive on time to fight the virus.”
He thanked the Ambassador and commended the people of China for their unflinching support to the people of Sierra Leone.
He said the supplies will be used for its intended purpose and promised the Ambassador that the fight will be won within the shortest possible time.
Giving the vote of thanks, Minister of Transport and Aviation, Balogun Koroma said China has demonstrated that they are the true friend of Sierra Leone. He said while others are pulling out of the country to leave us to fight alone, China is coming in to compliment our effort.
He promised the Ambassador that the Presidential Task Force has been doing very well to contain and control the virus. “These supplies have come at the right time, as we have put modalities in place to win this battle.”
He appealled to the Ambassador that if the need arises, they will have to turn to them again because China has demonstrated that they are the only true friend.
The Relief supplies included antiseptic, gloves, protective gears, equipment and other things related to the fight of Ebola.
By Austin Thomas
Tuesday August 12, 2014

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