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Sierra Leone News: New Ebola mobile lab at Lakka

Isolation Ward in readinessAs a result of concerns raised by residents of Lakka community, for Government not to establish an EBOLA treatment Centre in their community, Government decided to establish a treatment centre  within the environs of the present T.B and Leprosy Hospital, along the Goderich- Tokeh highway.
At the TB and Leprosy hospital, Awoko was taken on a conducted tour by the Engineer on site, and construction workers were busy putting last minute touches here and there, to make sure that the centre will be ready to meet the demands of both patients and health care givers.
The first point of contact at the centre is the triages were patients will be received, before medical attention will be further administered.
Three isolation tent wards are already completed, with six beds in each ward. Two other wards, for less severe cases with four beds each are also ready.
There are two dressing rooms for health professionals, toilet facilities for both patients and health workers, a laundry, a canteen, an incinerator and a morgue, for those who will not make it.
Though work is almost complete, the engineer (name withheld) informed Awoko that the International Medical Corps (IMC) wants to assist the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, with additional water and sanitation facilities, which will further improve hygiene and reduce contact risk at the isolation centre.
After the tour of the facility, Awoko went to see how prepared and ready were the WHO coordinated laboratory, team of experts headed by South Africa to handle all samples of haemorrhagic fever, which will further reduce time to produce  results of suspected cases of EBOLA.
The two officials, we met at the laboratory, were glad that the media is also interested and eager that a solution be sought to end the deadly viral.
However, they did not grant interview, and asked that we seek clearance from the World Health Organisation,(WHO) Country Office and they will be more than willing to cooperate.
To ensure that the public is totally cut off from the EBOLA isolation centre including, patients admitted at the TB and Leprosy hospital, a high perimeter fence has been constructed both outside and within the hospital facility.
By Ade Campbell
Tuesday August 26, 2014

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