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Sierra Leone News: Ukraine offers high educational standards for Africa

Africa Council Ukraine, over the weekend, organized a one- day conference at the British Council to educate Sierra Leoneans about the potential and opportunities Ukraine offers in terms of quality and affordable European education.
According to the president of the Africa Council Ukraine, Mohamed Sesay, the African Council Ukraine is committed to providing opportunities for higher European standards education abroad to African students, especially Sierra Leoneans who wish to pursue their studies in Europe.
He said the Ukrainian Universities provide courses in Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, International Economics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Oil and Gas, Accounting, Law Finance, Computer Science, Network Management, Petroleum, Aviation among many others.
Sesay explained about the procedure in securing legal documents and visa, as the African council Ukraine helps students with their documents process and how to apply for their visa, noting that students only need to provide the council with a national passport school result, certificate or transcript.
He further explained that on receiving them, the Ministry of Education in Ukraine will then send an application form, invitation and acceptance letter directly to the African council, who will then apply for visa to the Ukrainian consul in Senegal on behalf of students, noting that requirements to enter any university in Ukraine is four or five passes ranging from A1 to D7 in WASCE, GCE O level and A. level, as they are not too strict with students to attain A and B in their result but stated that if a student is determined and committed, they can achieve their goals.
Sesay also highlighted key areas in terms of financial cost and accommodation, as students will not pay any fees to receive their documents but however will pay $900 USD for visa fees, $800 USD for hostel and medical insurance and $1,500 USD for school fees a year.
Osman Sankoh, a fourth year medical student in Ukraine, explained about his experience in the country as a student, stating he is happy to have taken that decision to study in Ukraine, as they provide standard and affordable education, compared to other countries and their certificate can be used in any European country.
Said started his studies at School of medicine but in 2010 he decided to study in Ukraine but since then has not regretted his decision because he is provided with a better and sophisticated learning environment and that he can boast that as a medical student, he is highly oriented in terms of practical, adding that another facility he enjoys as a student is the free medical scheme that is provided after paying the medical health insurance fees.
He encouraged Sierra Leonean students to make use of the opportunity to get quality education as it continues to go down the drain in Sierra Leone.
Giving an endorsement to what has been said about study in Ukraine; principal lecturer at Milton Margai College of education Samuel S. Tarawally said he attained his Bachelors and Master’s Degree in International Relations in Ukraine.
After his studies in Ukraine, he added, he came back to Sierra Leone and introduced International Relations course at Milton Margai which has been successful so far.
He described his experience as worthwhile, as students are provided with the basic learning facilities and conducive environment for learning, no discrimination or racial challenges.
Head of education service for foreign students Ukraine, Larisa Verekelnik showcased Ukrainian Universities through a video display outlining some of the basic facilities provided by these universities.
Larisa explained that they have about twenty-five (25) universities working with them to admit foreign students and they have more students from Nigeria, Ghana, and Kenya among many others and assured Sierra Leoneans of their country’s hospitality towards foreign students.
She noted that they recently held a conference in Ghana and was supposed to hold one is Sierra Leone with her colleagues but after Ghana they decided to return to Ukraine with fear of the Ebola Virus, but with pressure from the Sierra Leonean Students, she decided to come here and create the awareness about the opportunities in studying in Ukraine.
By Mariam Bah
Tuesday August 26, 2014

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