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Sierra Leone News: 90 days sex ban for Ebola survivors

The West African Postgraduate Medical Colleges {WAPMC}and the Sierra Leone Medical and Dental Association {SLMDA) have suggested to government that sensitization slogans should indicate that male patients who have recovered from EVD would need to wear condoms or abstain for up to ninety (90) days.
Furthermore, both bodies when they called on President Koroma, last week, indicated that they should “build a “fire wall” around “slums” and over populated areas and organize the community to participate in health education and social mobilization on EVD control.”
Both bodies also called for basic training and preventive supplies for all established clinics and hospitals whether government, NGO based, faith-based, private or otherwise.
Apart from radio and TV phone-in and text- in of questions and answers, we need dedicated telephone lines manned by knowledgeable persons to answer questions and concerns of the public even if only for 12 hours a day say from 7am to 7pm, they emphasised.
They pleaded that risk allowances and a health insurance scheme should be provided for all health workers, while Okadas (Bikes), taxis, poda- podas and even private vehicles should be fined for overloading.
The medicos also suggested that Holding Centres should admit one patient to one cubicle only, to avoid cross infection and better handling of stigmatization of medical staff and patients. For example, nurses are being evicted from their houses as landlords think they will bring Ebola Virus Diseases (EVD) to their properties.
The problem of stigmatization of health workers should be handled expertly, they stressed, while there is a need to have ZMapp and other drugs further being researched as well as convalescent plasma/serum for the clinical management of EVD.
They asked that all donated funds and materials should be judiciously used for the implementation of the EVD response plan.
They informed the President that amongst its many areas of intervention, the Colleges and the SLMDA will in addition, assist in providing basic training to all health workers including traditional healers on the epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment and others, on EVD through workshops and seminars.
They advocated for provision of specialized training for the different cadres of health workers including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, laboratory personnel, surveillance officers and support staff and restore confidence among health workers in health facilities in rural and urban areas and the general population in the public health care system.
However, the Colleges and SLMDA are concerned about the continued high rates of transmission in the on-going EVD epidemic in the general population including the deaths of health care workers and allied workers and other support staff, which is imparting negatively to their working moral.
Furthermore, the Colleges and SLMDA recognize the constraints of the health care system in the country and the consequent dependence on external interventions in the control of the epidemic.
Monday September 01, 2014

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