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Sierra Leone News: Another Chinese mobile lab arrives

chineseThe Chinese government through the Embassy of Sierra Leone has sent the second mobile Ebola lab, which arrived yesterday evening at the Lungi Airport onboard a Russian chartered plane.
Receiving the lab, Ambassador Zhao Yanbo said President Xi Jinping wants to see the end of Ebola in Sierra Leone within the shortest possible time and that has prompted him to send another lab that will help get serums checked within the shortest possible time.
He said the first lab, which arrived last week, has been set up and ready for use at the Jui Friendship Hospital. “This second lab will also be set up at the same hospital so that the 29 CDC experts from China will be able to work very effectively and help to stop the Ebola chain.”
He stressed that China is not finished yet because there will be more help coming for the country. He called on Sierra Leoneans to be confident that they will be well if they come our early when they feel the symptoms of Ebola.
Responding, deputy Foreign Affairs Minister, Dr Ebun Strasser-King said China is a very true friend and brother because what they have done for Sierra Leone is beyond their imagination. She said the people of Sierra Leone are very pleased with what China is doing to help us win this battle.
She averred that in one week they have sent two mobile labs and over 59 medical personnel to help us win the Ebola war. President Koroma she said, is very pleased with China as during the beginning of this week, China gave one million dollars cash and two million dollars worth of food supplies to the government and people of Sierra Leone. “Today we are again receiving another mobile lab that will be operational within three days.”
The Deputy Foreign Minister said no doubt, this war will be won and Sierra Leoneans will never forget what China has done. She said the 43 years of friendship between China and Sierra Leone has been very fruitful and China has never abandoned Sierra Leone.
Deputy Minister of Health (II) Mr Foday Sawi in his contribution said the more mobile labs we have the quicker the testing results will come out. He said he has been to the Jui hospital and has seen that the first lab is ready for use. He said this one will help the Northern Districts get their results within the shortest possible time and that will help in containing the virus.
He thanked the Chinese Ambassador and team on behalf of President Koroma and his minister and said the entire people of Sierra Leone will be pleased with what they have done.
Giving the vote of thanks, deputy Minister of Transport Mr Ibrahim Mansaray said he is very happy to be part of history and said Sierra Leone cannot thank China enough for what they have been doing. He said he hopes that the effort of the Chinese will not go in vain as the Ebola war will soon be conquered and peace will return to Sierra Leone.
Friday September 26, 2014

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