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Sierra Leone News: We have done 258 tests in 8 days-Dr. Qian

dr suwChinese CDC laboratory team leader Dr Qian Jun has in an exclusive interview with Awoko said they have done 258 tests in eight days. He made this disclosure at the Jui Hospital where they are working with two mobile laboratories.
This comes in as President Koroma told a World Bank Round Table that all the existing labs process less than 150 sample a day.
Dr Qian said they started working on the 1st of October and since then, they have been receiving blood and swap samples for testing. “Of the 258 cases received, 134 of them were positive and they were transferred to the treatment facilities for onward treatment.”
When asked how long it takes for them to deliver results, Dr Qian said it takes about a day because they do it in batches of 20 at a time. “That batch of 20 samples will take five hours to be processed and get the results out.”
Dr Qian said on Tuesday, they received 36 samples for testing and most of them were negative. “Sierra Leoneans should not be afraid to come out and do tests if they are feeling sick, the earlier they come out the better it is for their survival” he said. “Ebola can be cured and people should stop thinking that they will die and come out early for treatment.”
The Chinese medical team works in shifts, day and night because they are very determined to break the chain of transmission. “The earlier victims get the results, the better it will be for the treatment center to start treating the patients.”
Dr Qian explained that his team is responsible only for testing, and their other colleagues from the Beijing 302 hospital are receiving the patients, and putting them in the holding center or isolation wards.
Asking him whether they have Sierra Leoneans in the testing facilities, he said when they started they brought in some Sierra Leoneans that would work side by side, but unfortunately, they don’t have any knowledge about the sophisticated equipment, “This makes it hard for us to work with them, but in the future we are planning to train them so that they can take over the labs and run them when we are gone.”
Talking about the labs, Dr Qian said they have two labs  one is the P2 lab and the other located on a vehicle (lorry) is the P3 lab. He said the P3 lab is highly sophisticated and it has many functions. This lab he said will be taken back to China after the Ebola virus has been defeated.
When asked why are they not leaving it behind, Dr Qian said the P2 lab will be left behind for teaching and the Chinese government have just finished the plan and budget for the fixed lab that will be constructed at the Jui hospital. He said the cost of the fixed lab, which will be a P3 lab is 27 million RMB ($443,000) and has already been approved by the government with most of the materials and equipment brought in from China. “In four months time, construction will start. The land has been cleared and ready.”
Dr Qian said they will train students from the Medical School in China and they will return with other Chinese doctors who will work with them side by side. “The Jui hospital will be a teaching hospital as it is closer to the Medical School. We will want to train many Sierras Leonean doctors in many fields so that the health system in the country will improve.”
He said on behalf of the China CDC Team, he wants to applaud Sierra Leoneans who are helping them in this fight and also wants to commend the people who have appreciated China so much in this fight. Dr Qian said they will not relent but will continue to work until they finish this Ebola.
Monday October 13, 2014

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