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Sierra Leone News: Lion Mountain Charity feeds quarantine homes

The Lion Mountain Charity Foundation, a charitable organization which is based in United States of America recently donated rice and other food condiments to various quarantine homes in Lungi and Freetown.
The donation according to the donors demonstrates the love and was to sympathy the Foundation members have for people under quarantine in the two communities-Freetown and Lungi. “The donation shows how caring and compassionate we are about those families affected by the quarantine order,” a member of the Foundation, Unisa Kanu stated.
Mr. Kanu underscored the importance of the donation in all the affected quarantined homes. He added that the significance of the donation was to sympathize with the families that are under quarantine. He made it clear to both inmates and community members that being under quarantine is not a confirmation that the inmates are sick or a way of punishment by the government, rather, it is a way of containing a further spread of the virus disease should any other person within the quarantine develops signs and symptoms of the viral disease.
Unisa Kanu pointed out that Sierra Leone is among other countries that have Ebola and that they as partners, as a humanitarian organization, cannot sit back watching the government struggle with the fight alone. He said whatever donation they are making is an expression of concern and compassion to their fellow compatriots who have unfortunately fallen victim of the virus attack and its attendant ramifications.
He encouraged the quarantined families to respect the rules and conditions of the quarantine and to stay calm, pay attention to medical advises until the end of their period. He noted that multi-sectorial effort is needed to fight against what he describes as “a deadly virus”.
Another member of the foundation, Alusine Sankoh commended the people for adhering to the advice of government through the Ministry of Health and Sanitation. He maintained that Ebola is a disease that can be handled if provided Sierra Leoneans are ready to change their attitudes towards tradition insofar as the fight against Ebola is concerned. He also lauded government’s efforts in the fight against the virus disease.
He encouraged the people to adhere to the entire message given to them by the health workers more especially to avoid body contact, stop washing dead bodies, avoid keeping sick people in homes and to inculcate the habit of calling the 117 Emergency Number in the case if sickness and deaths. He added that the people should notice that people in USA and other parts of the world especially the Lion Mountain Charity Foundation are thinking about them and praying to see the end of the Ebola menace.
Speaking on behalf of the people of Kafu Bullom in Port Loko District, the Paramount Chief Bai Shebura II, appreciated the welcomed the donation and expressed gratitude on behalf of his people for the Foundation’s humanitarian gesture. He noted that this was not the first time Lion Mountain Foundation is doing presenting such a donation to the people in that part of the country.
He encouraged the beneficiaries to use the items for their intended purposes and appealed to the Foundation members to do more for his people.
Wednesday January 14, 2015

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