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Sierra Leone News: Jongopie Stevens donates $20,000 worth of PPEs

jongoSierra Leone Ambassador to Germany, Italy and Austria accredited; Jongopie Stevens yesterday donated a 40 feet container full of Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) worth $20,000 to the Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS).
The items were presented to the MoHS receiving officer Siaka Bockarie Magona at the Medical Store Complex at New England in Freetown.
Presenting the items Ambassador Stevens said “the items are assorted medical supplies, PPEs, medications, intravenous (iv) fluids and two dental units that were given to us by a Sierra Leonean doctor in Germany.”
Ambassador Stevens explained, “when we had the outbreak (Ebola), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a letter to us to solicit funds and provide items that would help in the fight against the disease.”
He furthered, “we contacted few organizations, as well as Sierra Leoneans and Germans in Germany to help with these items.”
He said, “though it took a while for the goods to be cleared at the quay, however, now that the goods are here we hope it would be used for the intended purpose.”
Ambassador Stevens assured, “we will continue to help in the fight against ebola, however, we have to think about post ebola; that is why whatever request we have from the government we will do our very best to assist in that direction,” he maintained.
“I know that ebola will one day be a thing of the past in Sierra Leone, that is why I’m also thinking about the ways and means on how we can help orphans and as the Ambassador we’ll do our level best to source funds to help ebola victims,”
He maintained, “It is a sad situation that’s why we have contributed in whatever way we can. I can assure you that this is not going to be the end we are going to ensure that we do our best in supporting the government in the fight against ebola and other health issues like malaria.”
“Before ebola, disease like malaria had a damming death toll on our people, however we are looking at ways to raise funds to help our country,” the Ambassador revealed.
Among the consignments were packages addressed to Matrru Jong hospital. Dr. Christian Bell explained that Bintumani Sierra Leone German Friendship Association (BSLGFA), which was, founded in 1998 in Berlin, normally sends relief items for Sierra Leone. “We’ve donated to Connaught and PCMH this time we are donating to Mattru Jong Hospital,” he disclosed
Receiving the items on behalf of MoHS Siaka Bockarie Magona said the donation is timely and thanked the Ambassador for such a wonderful gesture.
By Ben Cambayma
Tuesday February 10, 2015

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