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Sierra Leone News: “Baseless” Says VP Sam Sumana

vpVice President, Chief Alhaji Samuel Sam Sumana has in his usual humble manner responded thoroughly to allegations levied against him by a 9-man investigative committee as “baseless, fabrications and lies,” saying that he will appeal against the allegations once he completes his 21 days self imposed quarantine period.
He spoke for the first time since the announcement was made on Tuesday, 10th March on the “Good Morning Salone” program aired by Radio Democracy, 98.1FM.
The Vice President said accusing him of not being a Muslim “is a joke” explaining that he hails from a renowned Muslim family with his parents and his surviving mother all Muslims.
“Even though I went to a Christian Primary School, the United Methodist Church (UMC Mission), I never changed faith. 95% of the people of my Yormandu village (in Sandor Chiefdom) are Muslim,” VP Sumana asserted.
On the issue that he lied over his qualification, the soft-speaking Alhaji said for all the two elections he has contested he had to fill a NEC nomination form which he had always done with sincerity and honesty and that he has always filled it in as a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree. “I have never said anywhere that I am a holder of a Master’s Degree; so I don’t know where that allegation is coming from,” he retorted.
On the third allegation, VP Sumana said if he has a political party, then they should check with the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to ascertain the veracity of that allegation. “I have not registered any political party,” he told his interviewer, Asmaa James, adding, “I was born APC and I will die APC.”
On the allegation of perpetuating violence and him having 100 thugs in his native Kono district, Chief Samsuma replied, “I am a peaceful man and I have never taken part in any violent act. I am a fervent believer of the principles of the Rule of Law. I do not have any group of thugs and will never have one,” he categorically stated.
He made it clear that he is still under quarantine and after that he will do the right thing. “I am still a member of APC and I am yet to receive a letter telling me that I have been expelled; until that time, I will continue to do what is necessary of me to help develop the country.”
VP Sam Sumana said the party constitution makes provision for appeal so when he receives the letter of expulsion, he will appeal and he is sure the matter will be solved amicably. He called on all his supporters to continue to be law-abiding and to support President Koroma’s Agenda for Prosperity.
When asked about recordings of him criticizing the party and the President, he said he has neither heard of such recordings nor have such recordings been played to him.
Talking about ebola, the Vice President said he is happy to be under quarantine as it is an example to show that the ebola virus does not have boundary, and that it can infect the lower class as well as the upper class.
He emphasized that President Koroma is his boss and that he holds tremendous respect for him. “I have a very cordial relationship with him and I am grateful to him for having appointed me twice to serve him as Vice President.”
“I want to make it clear that if you are not destined to be at the top, it won’t happen and as a second generation APC, I will continue to serve my party and my country.”
VP Sam Sumana appealed to those who love him to desist from using offensive language on the social media, and to be law abiding and respectful.
Wednesday March 11, 2015

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